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I am totally on a Bohemian kick as of late . . the "Bohemian Look" that is . . . if I tried to live the lifestyle I would have to be independently wealthy.  I would travel around in my vintage 1960's Airstream, completely gutted and over the top with a built in coffee maker and 800 tread count sheets, much like LA designer Rachel Horn did.  Her husband calls it "glamping" - I agree and every inch of it is fabulous - with it's Moroccan edge.  Maybe I could put one in my back yard. .  as a guest room !!

Sorry I am getting off track - but not really. . wander lust, and filling your space with all sorts of STUFF you find during your travels.  Books, furniture with a history, old, new, shabby, gilded, loads of mis-matched color, art, crafted, wrinkled, cracked. . . Bohemian.

Now this "look" can vary so dramatically depending on who you talk to and this is simply my interpretation . .  but there are some key elements as I see it . . . and thanks to a few Bohemian Bloggers (La Maison Boheme, Bohemian Shoebox and Mystic Lady)  who are out there . . . I am creating my "mental" file of inspiration . . . Take a look . . .

Home of Betsy Johnson

This Chesterfield Sofa (which by the way Lucy and Company can source for you) is what started all this madness . . .  last night I was desperately trying to figure out a way to put on in my house.  I love it.   Take a look how you mix this type of piece in a way that doesn't scream "cherry paneled library, or hunting lodge" . . .

I see a few pillows on there using Osborne and Little fabric . .  I see a (reproduction) antique beveled mirror, a white shag rug and a pink pouf !  All this eclectic - ness . . . certainly falls in the unconventional category and it works !

Crystal Chandeliers, tapestry covered Queen Ann Chairs, books and mirrors all add to the look.

and of course tall ceilings with great molding wouldn't hurt !

How about the bedroom . . love the mix. . .

While further looking into my "mental" vendor files I can across new artwork I would toss in the mix.. 
Take a peak at the series . . . Kaleidoscope come to life and group all together would be a major focal point !

So . . . step out of your conventional box and follow your own path !

Juliana Santacruz Herrera fills the gaps and potholes of Paris

Re-decorating is a lot less life changing . . . 

- Beth

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