A Day with Grizzel and Mann . . . Part Two.

As promised last week . . we just received our new books from Grizzel and Mann so to continue my preview of the "Newest !"  Part Two is a little more on the serious . . . the luxurious side.  These offerings from Osborne and Little and Lorca are all that . .   Rich, deep colors - textures and patterns.  This new line offers wall coverings that are  "quilted" "croc-ed" and "shimmering."  The fabric introductions of stunning jewel tones and eye catching embroideries.  I am taken a-back!!!

What is so amazing .  . is this quilted backdrop is wall paper as is the croc on the box . . 

Here's a closer look straight from my new book !  Yum

The Croc comes in a variety of colors . . .

Onto the fabrics . .  luxurious textures and colors !

A little more shimmer in wall paper . . .

I love the rich new colors from Lorca.

An onto Designers Guild . . .

Showing off the neutrals . .  the colors we are all use to are up coming in another post !

And lets not forget a little sheer !

All our books are in . .  so call for an appointment, and come take a look !

- Beth

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