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It's really yuck outside... now I'm not complaining because it's been a really mild Winter . .  I even saw a daffodil come up in the yard yesterday - but today is rainy, cold and gross.  I have been seeing all the Spring introductions at work and I am wishing it would hurry up and get here.. February can be such a drag . . . so think I will jump the gun and focus all my attention on floral.  Maybe it's coming from my Lulu post, maybe it's coming from a recent request for Christian Lacroix . . fabric.  In any event - let show you want comes to mind with I think Lacroix and floral coming together . . .

Pattern on Pattern, Big and Bold . . love.  I think what I am drawn to is the big pattern against a sharp black or white background.

pants by H & M, shirt by Zara

shirt dress and shirt by Paul Smith

So here is the fabric I was talking about . . .

It's just gorgeous, digitally printed on crisp, clean cotton.  It just jumps off the page !  It's from a series offered by Designers Guild and my obsession in this post.

It conjures up the memory of a floral chintz I believe covered my Mom's sofa in the early 70's when I was a kid. But this fabric isn't your mom's floral chintz. . though I am not slamming chintz or floral for that matter.  I love it, and used in the right place, in the right way, I would be the first to say yeah!
Habitually Chic ran a post back in May of 2010 entitled of course "Flower Power"
Get it, love it and am in totally agreement of every happy, flower inspired word.  Here are a few images from that post which I love.

Tricia Guild (Creative Director and Founder of Designers Guild) and Sacha Walckhoff (Creative Director for Lacroix) got together to translated the spirit of Christian Lacroix.  You all know who he is . . the man behind the French fashion house best know for its extravagant silhouettes and flamboyant use of color.  The introductions aren't new this year, but I think need some new attention !  

Christian Lacroix for
Designers Guild

Since its inception in 1987, the house of Christian Lacroix has electrified the fashion world with its many collections inspired by gypsy and Provencal traditions and by the flamboyant Haute Couture scene in Paris and London during the swinging 60's

Over the years, the brand has become synonymous with an innate, complex glamour and vivacious confidence.  Its reputation as the house for haute couture was well founded and built upon a distinctive and passionate creative energy.  

The "maison" of Christian Lacroix is creatively led by Sacha Walckhoff, Mr. Lacroix's second in command for over 17 years.  Sacha says "To be able to express the essence of the House of Christian Lacroix through this first home furnishing fabrics collection with the complicity of Tricia Guild, is both an honor and a true joy".

Designers Guild is also offering this pattern which I love too.  On closer inspection the flowers and urns look pencil drawn, which appeal to my artist side.

Or how about this pattern.  I could see it so many applications.  The fabric is also digitally printed on 100% cotton.  Of course the scale is huge - so how about an upholstered wall, headboard, or "canvas."  A duvet perhaps.

 The colors are so sharp, clean and crisp.  I could see big windows covered in this colorful bouquet of happiness or maybe a chair or two, pillows filling a white down filled bed maybe ....

Tricia Guild

I love Guild and Walckhoff's tribute to the spirit of Lacroix.  His style, his projects . . . take a look at a few more - these boutique hotels will make you want to change your reservation !

The Hotel Notre Dame in Paris is filled with the designs of Christian Lacroix, take a look at the amazing pieces he has created . .  we have been using wall paper as a backdrop and accent wall behind beds or anywhere really . .  this brings it to a new level . . more decoupaged . . . my wheels are turning.

The Hotel Bellechasse Saint Germain, also in Paris features eclectic interiors and one of a kind rooms, all designed by Lacroix

And the Hotel du Petit Moulin, a converted bakery in Le Marais.  The 17 room hotel is gorgeous.

This time last year a new series of books published by Harper Collins came out.  This classic fairy tale stories were reinvented by fashion industry greats.  This book features designer Lacroix as the prince, tracing his career from his early days in haute couture to the opening of his fashion house.

I love that the "beauty" in his story is not in need of a kiss, but a fashion makeover !

So hats off to Mr. Lacroix . . . love your sense of color and pattern and to you Tricia Guild and Sacha Walckhoff for your collaboration with all these great fabrics and wall coverings. .

Brought this Lacroix fabric to a client of mine last week and she fell in love too, so stay tuned for just how I plan on using !

Fashion and Interior design are so intertwined . .  find your inspiration the next time you are reading your copy of Vogue . . 

Chow !

- Beth

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