It's All Coming Together !

Hi All . . 

I love when a home comes together.  Last year I worked with the Bryant's on their daughter Meg's room as well as their Family Room.  That Family Room received a major make over using grays, oranges and a splash of turquoise.  Just recently I got my wish and we introduced the most amazing wallpaper at the front door.  It is all coming together now !  Take a look.

This wall paper is so striking, and creates the perfect "Welcome" at the front door.  It set the tone !  I pulled the colors in this paper from the new den (which originated from the colors Tammy already started with in the Living Room and Dining Room . . . 

She already had a beautiful rug in her Living Room, we added a new mirror coffee table.

We added new pillows to tie back to the colors of the rug and windows in the Dining Room.

Their Dining Room received a little tweaking as well.  A new rustic twig chandelier to contrast the elegant dining table and amazing dining chairs (love those !)

Tammy's art, fabrics, and area rug are all jiving so well with the new paper !

Now we have a Family Room (check out what we did last Spring) with colors that travel through the house to the Entry Way !

Loving the new look ! Don't be afraid of pattern, pattern and more pattern, it can make that ho-hum Foyer something special !

- Beth

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