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I was invited to an Early Preview Estate Sale the other day, so the theme of today . . Mid-Century Modern.  I say "theme of the day" for two reasons. . went to my preview and came home to an empty house, so I finished watching the last episode, of the last season of Mad Men . .  March 25th cannot get here soon enough.  The connection if you are not a John Hamm fan . .  the TBS show is set completely in the late 50's, through the 60's. .  the heyday of the  decor style I am posting about.  The show is great, the decor - perfect.   I find myself zooming in on a lamp or chair and saying "I just ordered that the other day for a client."

When you think of Mid-Century Modern . . . what comes to mind - Herman Miller (www.hermanmiller.com), Charles Eames (1907-1978), Hans Knoll (1914-1955), or maybe the baby of the group Vladimir Kagan (www.vladimirkagan.com)

The innovative furniture of the 50's and 60's have enduring popularity, so much so that many, many vendors are reproducing the look so abundantly - it's not hard to find.  Some say that mid-century furniture is having a "resurgence."  I would say that resurgence has been happening for a while now and ain't going anywhere.  Why?  Classic lines, simple, clean, and just cool !

If you are just finding your style, or have seen the MANY knock off's of these originals . . . let me give you a little timeline to get the ball rolling . . . 

What I love about the style is it's ability to be filtered in most any setting.  If you are studying up -  or want to add to what you have - or design an entire space with the "look" check out these great reads:  Danish Modern (by Andrew Hollingworth) and Eames:  Furniture 1941-1978 (by Brigitte Fitoussi)

Mid-Century Modern by Bradley Quinn is another in the library o-me and  I find I pull it out often to get an idea or two . . .

All these reads will give you the history, give you a design "look."  But let me show you a few images from Bradley Quinn's Book that I love . . .

. . and a few from my "mental files"

(there's that Chesterfield sofa again . . . that I keep lusting after)

Can't quite swing the real thing . . . be happy to source for you some great look-a-likes . . .

Totally want a George Nelson Marshmallow Sofa one of these days.
$3,299 - to $4,449 (new) but knock-off's are out there in the $700 range (hum... think I would like to find something in the middle)

One more in my High / Low Project . . . 

You decide.

See anything you like. .  give us a call and we will be glad to meet with you or send you fabric swatches and pricing.
 1st Dibs is a great place to source for the real thing . . . Take a look at a few pieces I recently found.

Eames Rosewood Lounge & Ottoman by Herman Miller
USA, 1950's $6,900

Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Lounge Chair
Denmark, 1950's $14,900

Warren Platner Loung Chairs
USA, 1960's $3,800

24 Arm Brass Sputnik Chandelier
USA, 1950's $4,800

French Maple 4-Drawer Pedestal Desk
France, 1950 $11,000

Lastly . . . a peak at the Estate Sale Preview . . . . . 

Great finds . 
Happy Weekend

- Beth

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