Twins . . Install of the Day !

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When Amina Ahmed came to see me with her daughter's Julia and Annabelle I knew immediately I was dealing with two very different girls... twins, but each with their own unique personality.  Julia, was quite and pretty game for almost anything. . .  very polite, sweet and appreciative, more into her book than the meeting.  Annabelle was also equally sweet and polite, but definitely had an option !  She knew what she wanted. .  

After meeting with the two who shared a room with a bunk bed, it was time to split them up and give them a space of their own !  I had a direction from each girl, Julia wanted lavender and green.  Annabelle, blue .  . take a look at where I took it . . 

Julia's Room . . .

At the last minute I opted for vintage lights with a pretty mirror focal point over the bed.  The mirror tied together all the different metals in the room and was that added sparkle the room needed !

I love the punch of the green dressers.

Annabelle's Room.

Formerly the guest room, everything went, except the huge TV armoire.  We decided to paint it one shade darker than the walls to essentially make it go away . . . we added a horizontal stripe and a new bed, side tables, desk and bookcase.  The TV armoire was somewhat cottage in style, so it was important to mix up the furniture, and not do anything too slick and mod...  The look is crisp, bright and clean but the lines of the furniture, definitely more traditional.  Paint does amazing things doesn't it !

Our seamstress did a beautiful job with the corner window treatments, fully black out lined !

It was a nice mix of cottage and mod . .  with the bright colors requested !

Fun Project for two fun girls !

- Beth

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