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Yesterday I posted an install all about boy. . . We have had a flood of requests to update the boys-to-men out there.  While girls are usually abundant, it has been great to re-direct our focus on coming up with interesting spaces for the young men in (our client's) lives . .

Ashley has especially been busy getting creative.  She has come up with two great design boards for two brothers.  I love her use of texture and color.  I love that they are different, yet have a similar vibe which will make a great transition from room to room.  Her use of color is older, yet fun - something that will last and carry the rooms well into their late teens.

Take a look at her first board . . 
and stay tuned for the finished product !!!!

The rug in this room sets the tone and color palate  Great colors and  pattern.  She pulled a sophisticated  and neutral wall color, lasting upholstered bed and lots of fun and age appropriate accessories.  That's the trick in designing kid's rooms.  We strive to create a room with pieces that will last, those pieces are your staples, your bigger ticket items.  We then work in the fun, less expensive pieces (like the fun cardboard moose head and round "global pouf").    

So trust your designer, and realize just ordering and placing the bed, desk, dresser and painting doesn't give you the "look" you are wanting.  The accessories are the jewelry and what makes it fun.  An "accessory allowance" is just as important as the big things !!!

Her second room is equally fun yet sophisticated !!  Again we have big pieces:  Bed, desk, and in this case, a small love seat - but take a look at her choice of accessories.

Great side table and awesome round bookcase . .  different and eye catching.  The use of metal in the room gives it a bit of an "industrial" look - hard and soft surfaces, all combined with the mix of fabric patterns creates a visual eye feast !

Great job Ashley... nice design - and looking forward to the pic of the finished product coming soon !

"Themed rooms are something that makes us all cringe."  

 We have clients wanting "sports related / TV show character related / Fat Head (ugh) related " requests, we try hard to convince them . .  it won't last !  Now, don't get me wrong, we put those things in the room, but in a way that's a little more subtle than this lovely room above. . .  let me count the number of things I hate about a look like that !  Yikes.  I think the red desk lamp is about the only thing I do like . . 

Please oh please JUST SAY NO . . .

I have had my share of entire boy room make-overs, as well as tweaking boy's rooms that were designed by good designers, but designers that don't have some of the sources we do -  or are not use to designing kid's rooms . . .   Take a look at the before... pretty, just needs a little "fun."

Now take a look at how I plan to add just a few things to spice it up.

This first room has the headboards and pillows, solid walls and antique furniture - I am working on pulling in a fun rug and great leather "baseball glove swivel chair."  Adding a horizontal stripe OVER the existing wall color will instantly create a more whimsical look.

This room currently has tan walls, wall to wall seagrass on the floor and simple romans, again nice start.  We are working on pulling in a fun rug, and fun accessories !

One of the 2 boys sharing this room has a love of bright green . .  so the infusion of the fun rug and side table will hopefully make his day !

And last but not least . . . a whole room makeover.  Just got the green light on this project.
Love that we designed the whole round around an Ugly Doll !!!  We pulled out color inspiration from that.  New fabric headboard with nail heads, side tables, lamps, a splash of green on the floor and fun graphic pillows !  Stay tuned for the final product !!

So give us a call, Ashley - Lindsay, myself and Jena will be happy to source anything you might see and love, or better yet - coming home to the finished product is much more fun and totally stress free.

- Beth

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