Chaotic Color Meet Dog Lover . .

Howdy . . .

Posted about my love of crazy color, Posted about my love of dog . . . Meet a combination of the two!  Did an install a while back for just that type of client.  One who was not afraid of color, and loves her dogs - so much so her house is filled with the two.  She layers pattern on pattern, color on color, and lots of dogs - it's her look, it's her thing.  I helped with her sunroom - to bring it up to speed with the rest of her lake home.  

Take a look at a few of the details . . .

  Our starting point was the rug.  Loved the design and the colors were perfect with what was going on in the house, but the size was wrong, so we had it made which enabled me to tweak the colors a bit.

We added these great black and white houndstooth game chairs, and had new ottoman's made for her existing wicker chairs (that we had painted and recovered). 

Take a look. . .

Added some great "rubber" flowers - cause I'm not the silk-flower kind of gal . . 

Keith did a piece of art to filter in . . .

Take a look at how she layers her patterns . . .

And her dog love . . .

She had a custom back splash made . . 

And I helped add a splash of a red, red twig chandelier !

A collection of vintage pins . . gets a new display life !

How to get the look?  

Start your collection. . .

It can be anything . . . it can be china, glass, vintage signs, trademarks - like Vintage Coco-Cola memorabilia - it's all in the display !

Grouping is key . . .

Take Coke for example (collector or not, I would have this art in my house !)

Artist - Kim Frohsin, available at Pryor Fine Art

Line your cans onto a huge wall installation . . . Instant Art . . 

China is another great collection / instant art

design by Kelly Wearstler at the Viceroy Hotel 

collection of George Nelson clocks (via Met Home Jan/Feb 03)

Find your furnishings, fabrics, rugs, wall papers  - all within a color combination I call " Knit Sock"

Why Knit Sock . . . it's warm, familiar, relaxed, multi color and textural, and whimsical.

Not so hard right?!  Well's here a few tips to get you started. Look  for vibrant, strong pieces . . .

Anthropologie is a great source

Amelie Sofa "Blazing Poppies"

Fabrics . . . saturated colors.  Plaids, Stripes, Check, Solids - Like such . . .
Always with the weight of a little black !

Great side chair - perfect colors.

And loads of fabric, fabric . . . rich colors and FUN !

All these great fabrics, wall coverings, accessories available at Lucy and Company

- Beth

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