Color Inspiration from Ms. Effle Trinket

Hello. . .

Caught up in The Hunger Games?  Lucy is . . . me, nope, haven't read the book, haven't seen it . . . but I love this . . . the color combination that is.  Now she tells me this is Effle Trinket, ok, I dig her look - the purple and gold  look.

The dress, silk . . . almost chinoiserie in it's look . . 

This wall paper - true Chinoiserie from Fromental and available through us at Lucy and Company

Fromental was founded in 2005 and has some of the most beautiful papers around.  I find their take on Chinoiserie to be fresh and modern !  They have  expansive color combinations, patterns and styles.

a little Betsy Johnson love

Cynthia Rowley's dining room

I have used this  combination and it always works . . warm and cool combined.

Isn't the wall paper amazing !

Pulled from my inspiration files . . . a few more color combinations and images I love . . . 

Walls amazing !

One of my favorite rug vendors . . . be happy to source for you !

Bedding offered at Lucy and Company

Amazing design work by Massucco Warner Miller
of LA, San Francisco and Seattle.

I am OBSESSED with this new pattern by one of my favorite vendors  (fabric and wall paper in several colors ) love so much-  it might have to appear in my powder room !!

I am also loving this splash of gold and purple . . . I noticed at a client's house where we were installing her daughter's room . . . only to find out my East Boulevard neighbors Luxe Home Couture were responsible for -  Nice choice ladies !

Artist, Miranda Lake

New Fabrics available at Lucy and Company!

Crush'in on the Purple and Gold - and you?

- Beth

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