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Fun install today - that of a little boy, turning big boy.  Harry.  Cutest of blond kids !  Loves swimming and golf - was totally over all the jungle animals that covered the walls and ceiling, don't blame him.  His mom Sheri and I got together to create a sophisticated, clean - with punch of color - room.  A few years ago I helped with a new double bed, so this go-round we kept it and the desk, but filtered in new bedding, windows, side tables, lamps and a big (boy) new dresser . . 

Take a look.

My only change was the discontinued pillow fabric (it happens).  But love the new choice.

Great big push pin board in his choice color - orange.

A dresser with a lot more room !

Loved the last minute decision to tack up all the signed TGA Tour Flags from the Wachovia and Quail Hollow Championships over the dresser as oppose to framing them.  And made a couple of distressed shelves for all those boy trophies.

"the best things I like about my room are the orange color and that it is very "sporty". My bed is even more comfortable than it use to be. I can't wait to go to sleep again tonight."
Harry Grams, Charlotte NC

and ta-da . . . a whole new look !  
Need some help with your son's room, give us a call.

- Beth

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  1. Hello! I came across your blog/website from Centsational Girls BH&G blog. What caught my eye was this orange and grey fabric. Is it possible to share the source? I love this look for my sons room. Thanks so much