Party like a Mad Man . . .

Mad Men junkies . .  2 hour premier tonight !  Are you ready to host your cocktail / dinner party 1960's style? 

In the spirit . . .  

Tips on Throwing a Man Men Style Diner Party . . . 

1.  Know your cocktails and devil your eggs.

2. Know your attire.

3. Polish your mother's silver.

Now . . I am not quite old enough to have attended such routine events, but I remember the prep work, then being sent to bed in my footy pj's.  It was my Mother and Grandmother's hey-day.  Both "stylish, event perfectionists. "  The hors d'oeuvres were abundant, delicately placed on an excess of wedding present silver trays and 3-tier serving pieces.  There was, of course, a stocked bar usually to the side .. on wheels - and funny, my Mom reminded me, the lack of wine back then.. only making a prevalent appearance in the 70's.  It was all about the scotch and martini's, gimlets and "punch."

So, making a comeback . .  the stylish bar.

 Great storage bar chest and carts available at Lucy and Company

and a little vintage barware . . . it's out there in abundance at your local "junk" store.  I use the term lightly as I live for "junk" stores.

My Charlotte connection for old glassware . . . Sleepy Poet, South Boulevard . . 

Then there was the food . . . I love the deviled eggs served on an old ash tray . . . perfect.

Remember this . .  

It's one of those dishes that was all the rage and which I do remember, but then all of a sudden, like everything else, poof, it was gone.  I say we bring it back, along with the cold shrimp, stuffed celery and ambrosia -  for the ladies that lunch or a sunday afternoon brunch. . but let's bring it back Rainbow Style - circa 2012 . .  

Very Chic and courtesy of Lagusta . .  and includes tomato powder, smoked Kauai guava wood sea salt, tomato essence and basil.

Also not your mother's Ambrosia . . .
recipe and picture courtesy of Whole Foods Market

I live in Plaza Midwood, a neighborhood in Charlotte known for it's oddities - odd stores, odd (but amazing) restaurants, odd people (including moi) . . We have all sorts of vintage clothing stores, furniture finds and restaurants with character . .  (if you haven't been to the Diamond . .  you are missing out..) Hong Kong Vintage is one of my favorites when it comes to mid-century goodies . . . perfect place to find your cocktail dress !

I am a silver junkie . . . have it, use it, love it, got gobs of it from Mom when she got sick of cleaning it.  Tip - get yourself a good looking Silver Storage box for the flatware, and store all the serving trays in good ole ziploc baggies !!! 

Sterling not your thing. . .  I was recently in
Crate and Barrel and they had a great selectional of stainless

Mesa $24.95

Kyoto $39.95 

For the perfect Dinner Party . . . dress the table with, of course, a white table cloth, and pull out the silver serving trays and "coffee" servers.  To this day I (may loose the white table cloth) love pulling out the silver and coffee set I love . . .

Heavily ornate - not so much, but sleek and simple.

and a good decanter and ice bucket a must (these too are available through us)

and in closing . . .

The cocktail napkin . . .

all available on Etsy

Let's bring cocktail hour attire and decor back !

photo courtesy of flickr

Can't wait . . . 9:00

- Beth


  1. Just found your blog when I saw you were registered for Blogfest 2012! I am a designer here in Charlotte who also blogs! I need to come over and meet you soon!

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