Basement Facelift . . .

Hey All . . .

Want to see a before and after on a quick facelift?   Ashley and I worked together on fresh'n up this basement TV room for the Barlow's.  Request No. 1, keep the art, No. 2 work around the rug.  Everything else could go.  

Here's where we started.

Ashley did a great job pulling fabrics to jive with their existing rug.  While the rug is more on the traditional side, she decided, while keeping in the color family to amp up the patterns on more the transitional side.  A little more modern.  She mixed patterns and textures and filtered in more much needed lighting.

We picked the paint last - as should be done always !  While the tan is safe, the blue brightens the room and brings out the colors of the rock detail on the fireplace.  The contrast is much better !  

Love the nail head inspiration Ashley found out there . . . it added a nice detail to such a large ottoman she chose the incorporate into the space.

Poufs, hugely popular right now and still loving.  Great for the kids and their video playing !  The two different patterns compliment everything else going on in the room.  We ordered two blue and one red, coming in soon!

New sofa's were a must.  We did two custom pieces a lot longer with a more modern arm style.
The pillows add a splash of color and are a great tie back to the windows !

I love mixing lamps and tables.  I found these locally and ordered the others from one of our vendors.  Don't forget your accessories - they give personality and interest to the room !

It was fun. . 

- Beth and Ashley

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