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It's funny how I can be so "anti" this or that, then suddenly it appears in my "must-haves."  I remember not too long ago . . . well maybe in the late 90's I swore I would never have a single piece of wall paper in my house . .  oh man, how that has changed, now I can't get enough.  So never say never !

I always thought chalk board walls were a nightmare . .  messy, dusty, dark.  I did my share of coloring our front walkway for a hopscotch game with the kids - loved it while it was happening on a sunny afternoon - but then could not wait for it to rain that mess away - (I know - I am that person that has to have everything at a 45 degree angle on my desk) . .

Well it has appeared in my kitchen.  I love the black hole of depth, I love the spontaneous comments by my kids, I love the instant class room (so I don't have to hoof my sometimes lazy butt upstairs during homework time).  I love the "in my face grocery list."  

Take a look at some other images out there . . .

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Where I got my kitchen idea . . 

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For all the lovebirds out there to leave sweet notes  . .  like the lipstick on the bathroom mirror. . you know you have done that at least once in your life.

Lisa Sherry, via Lonny

Especially love the sliding door hardware

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Good way to funk up an old - yuck fridge . .  and make it cool.

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Ok. . this I dig, but I can't carry it in my purse . . my old-school husband would love it.

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Until the art arrives, or maybe not !

via Anthropologie

So needless to day . .  I am loving the look, maybe it's the black and white combo, maybe it's the sweet notes, maybe it's the ever changing "art," and maybe like everything I think I will keep - I'll paint over.  But for now - it's my love of the moment.

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Want a little color . . . Hudson Paint offers your chalkboard paint in 24 colors . . .

Now if I could just find an "old school eraser" as oppose to the baby wipes I still keep under the kitchen sink to wipe off everything !

- Beth

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