Designer Collaboration Part 2.

Hey There . . .

Designer Collaborations I love, especially if these offerings are coming from some of my favorites like Celerie Kemble, Kelly Weastler, Trina Turk, Mathew Patrick Smyth, and Martyn Lawrence Bullard.  All of these designers and style makers have collaborated with F. Schumacher in the past showcasing fabrics and wall coverings I often use and love.  They are my go to, so I was thrilled when I found out about Lulu DK's newest venture with Schumacher that I posted about yesterday.

Not new, but worth a re-visit are two Schumacher past collaborators Trina Turk and Celerie Kemble.  Both have been requested or mentioned as of late in the projects I have been working on or upcoming events I plan on attending . . . let me elaborate . . 

First off Trina Turk . . . and her amazing outdoor fabrics !

It's that time of year again, and I am working on not one, but three outdoor spaces.  Love taking it outside for a change, it has me wanting to do a little more than just pulling weeds here on the home front.  Maybe some new pillows at least !  But take a look at how I plan on incorporating Ms. Turk's patterns in two different outdoor projects.

Project No.1, a new outdoor space addition, design by George Crump of
www.stonemanrocks.com for a long standing client of mine.  I was so impressed with George's 
3D Designs which really gave me a good visual of the space.  He was also able to rotate the images as well as tilt them to expose the ceiling, which then help in the perfect lighting placement.  Check out his site and other projects.

Needs furniture right . . . 
One option is the neutrals with a splash of color.  Trina Turk is always a good go to for that!  While the colors are neutral, the patterns are not - full of texture and an extension of the interior space.

We plan on incorporating a large sofa facing the fireplace with two chairs flanking, rug, coffee table, various stoops

A dining area closer to the house to seat 6.  Round is good, take a look.

My second option includes a rectangular dining table  and fabrics in more of the green/blue color way ... we shall see which one wins.

Project No. 2 is a front and back porch, in serious need of something to sit on and eat on.  The interior house colors are a mix of lavender, orange and grey and with a clear visual from the main living area to the outside, I like to continue the color palate.  The large back porch will be pumped up a bit on pattern and color, while the front will be a little more subdued.  

These chaise lounge chairs are amazing and much larger and heavier than they appear on paper.  They come in 10 different colors and many more shapes and styles.  We will create the custom cushions and will tie those cushions to the dining table bench seats.

Can't wait to get these installed.. stay tuned !

Next up Celerie Kemble, who has also collaborated with Schumacher. 

Her fabric line with F. Schmacher is so pretty.  These are three of my favorites and come in
a variety of colors.

I have been working with a client on her living space which will continue into her kitchen area.  My design includes Celerie's Peacock circle pattern for an upholstered cornice over the window.  This fabric is a great blend of print and embroidery.  Take a look at how color palate moves from the den to kitchen.

Along with her Schumacher collaboration, Celerie has a carpet collection with Merida.  This "Belted Stripe" is from the Abaca collection and comes in three color ways !  This product pays tribute to her second book Black  & White (and a bit in between) - great read.

Her NY office is located at 224 West 30th Street with offices in Palm Beach as well.

Last year when I ran off to NY for a long weekend I went to the Kips Bay Designer House, this was one of my favorite  - the first floor library.  The gold leaf verre eglomise ceiling was stunning ! Verre Eglomise is the technique of coating the reverse of a piece of glass with metal leaf with etched patterns in it.  Leading expert Miriam Ellner.  Love so much.. attempted on a small scale.. just a piece of art, the leafing isn't bad, but try and etch a pattern or image in reverse - hard!

I love the mix Celerie incorporated in this space, the elegance of the ceiling and fixture, the traditional look of a tufted, rolled arm sofa mixed with the lucite coffee table, but most of all the two sided chaise.  Check out the arm shape, pretty great.

She will be in Charlotte this month at the Room to Bloom Event.  If you haven't gotten your tickets, hurry up !

So always keeping my eye out for what some of my favorite designers have created in the
fabric, rug, and wall covering ring, love to incorporate into the designs I am working on.

Happy Sunday !

- Beth

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