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Hi All . . .

I love a house with a story . .  and love working with fun clients.  This post is about both.  

Built in the 80's this house in Quail Hollow has a nice cut through to the 14th tee where you may catch a glimpse of Mr. Phil, next week anyway . . .   But my favorite tale is the one were the house, used by a gambling ring, was handed over to Simonini when he won it with a single hand of poker.

But the Hudson Family were the owners who commission the mural in the dining room some 10 years ago.  The scenes were those of their properties in Maine, Alabama and the Hudson River.  While amazing in it's detail, the current owners David and Sheri Grams were "over it" as was I.  Dark and heavy, we all wanted to lighten it up.  While I felt a brief sense of pain seeing the primer being rolled over this piece of art that no doubt took countless hours, seeing the new room quickly took away that pain.  I know some of you may disagree, and maybe someday a future poker player may win the house and find a way to uncover a hidden treasure behind my wall paper, but for now . . . love it!

Take a look at the before . . .

My thoughts and direction for where to take it . . .

Creams, with a touch of pale blue for a tie back to the living room across the hall.  Sophisticated, clean, traditional yet modern, comfortable.  Amazing furniture pieces, new table, new storage cabinet, new chairs.  We kept the console and windows - they worked, as well as the chandler.

Take a look at the finished product.

Accessories . . . as with any room, are key I would say.  You can have beautiful furniture and amazing walls, but the jewelry puts it over the top.

Simple glass lamps with a fun tassel - now it happens, the lamps we ordered aren't in yet, so these are
temporary . .

Take a look at the ones on their way . . .

The little bit of blue on that side of the room will be fab !

A gorgeous hand made mirror of hammered gold - inspired by a vintage necklace.  Thin metal rods wrap a central mirror and end with a slight flare . . . any yes, this is temporary too !  I ordered this pieces as Sheri's custom mirror wasn't ready yet either (beauty takes time!)  But determined to "finish" the room for the tournament, I used a little filler !!

Here's the actual . . both are amazing !

I didn't want to neglect this cabinet's top - and I wanted to bring the blue back into the room to complement the chairs.  A vintage pair of vases and stunning bowl, as well as a piece of art by Carol Bodiford finish off the space !

Dressing the table was important to me too, and I like to show the client just how it can look.  I found these unique bowls and horn candle sticks, as well as a simple yet beautifully organic coral "bowl" on a lucite base.  Mixed with her china, it's clean and simple but stunning.

What's this you say . . .the new area rug and stairwell runner coming in next week to tie the new dining room and entry foyer together . .  can't wait !

Also on the way, a new chandelier to update the foyer !

So enjoy - Sheri Grams, it was a pleasure.  Now hosting the many visitors coming through for the tournament may be a little more relaxed, now that this project is complete !

- Beth

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  1. Nicely done, Beth. Thanks for the beautiful room and laughs along the way!