Just When I Had "Flea'd it All . . .

Howdy. . .

I was pretty "flea'd out" after getting back from San Fran and the Alameda Flea Market, only to have Mark Herman (my Urban Home, editor man), call and asked me to join a motley crew for a morning at the Metrolina Collectables & Antique Show   This a.m. it was wet and cold, but I adorned my wellies, tossed Kate in the car and headed out . . .

Urban Home is doing a bit on Flea Market Shopping. . . refurbishing and such and wanted an (I say this lightly) "expert" opinion on turning nothing into something.

The line up consisted of Rodney Hines from The Furniture Connector (and Scrappy... his pup), Will Smith of . . Will Smith (a.k.a HGTV's Mr. Design Star),  Mark Herman and Anne Marie - Charlotte Urban Home, myself,  Keith and Kate.

The sun broke through and it was a beautiful and fun morning !  Now not claiming to be an "expert" by any means, but I can spot good "junk" to turn into something special, I was also pretty impressed with the comments flying around by my cohorts.  Rodney was the Metrolina Superstar, knew the "must sees" and had a great eye.  Will also pointed out a few gems as well. 

Take a look at my favs of the day.  Purchased myself some "F U N K" to add to my den overhaul.  These mixed up letters add great architectural interest to any grouping on any wall . . .

Found this great metal magnate board,  simple sheet metal, framed out and painted.  She did the work for me, like that - I plan on adding a collection of postcards and hanging. . .

Can never have enough tiny drawers for tiny stuff . . . all contained in one piece, "it's a good thing"

Kate has been bugging me for a desk in her room, this will do 'til she needs a 27" computer screen for all the photoshop work I plan on teaching her. 

Heavy iron "stamps" . . . paperweight, bookends maybe?

A great image to blow up and frame . . . there was a cool line up out there of vintage cars !  You'd be amazed at what that I Phone 4 you have in your purse can do for you!

Check out the refurbished musical instruments. . . into lamps, for the music lovers out there.

Love your shoes lady ...

Oh and this . . . our new coffee table for our new . .  when it happens . . . Den.  This month's Urban Home showed a picture of a piece like this I used in a recent install . . . it was new, this is old.  

Remember . . . .

A little original art perhaps? . . . you can find the best low priced pieces outside galleries if you just keep your big pink eyes open!

We did good today !  Thanks for all the "expert" advise and curious to read Anne Marie's article coming out soon and how she translated our jabber !!! 

Go visit Metrolina Expo, but go with open eyes and think outside your box (or call me . . I will go with you and just fill your car).  June 1st weekend is the next big one.

Thanks to . . these vendors of the day . . .

Industrial Age Antiques, Rick Bishop (brickpots@aol.com)

Refunked Junk, Tammy McHenry (refunkedjunk@gmail.com)

Foster Wood Products (foster wood@windstream.net)

Cher Shaffer, artist (mountainmojo@skybest.com)

- Beth

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