Sneak Peek . . . Install of the Day !

Hey there . . . 

Taking a minute to brag on Ashley . . . she busted it yesterday and today installing three rooms for her client's the Owens.  Three kids ranging from 12 to 15, with a college age sister to come. . 

Now I want her to fill you in on all the details when they are completely done - and photographed, but I can't resist showing you a peek from my I Phone . . .  great job !

I love her color palate !  The dramatic black walls really make things pop ! Filtering in a desk, and pin board.

Check out the "globe" poof she used . . and the amazing rug.  Bo's getting a new desk as well and some new custom built ins by our carpenter . . 

Really cool bedside "lamp" and stoop.

John too is getting a new desk, small sofa and built ins . . . love the rug in here too.

And I know her final pics will really show it off.

Now rest up this weekend . .  you earned it, as did our installer, Ashley Mullis, three rooms in 2 days - not bad !  Stay tuned this weekend and I will show you what I was up to . . 

- Beth

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