What R U Doing til Midnight ?

Hey there . . .

So . .  mentioned  instagram in my San Francisco post.  Known about it, not much time to get into it, but look at it a lot . . . there are great pics from all over to see and get inspired by.

Funny enough, Keith is way ahead of me and I was surprised to see some of the art he's been working on  that I have yet to see . . . even funnier -  how my first intro to these pieces are via a viral outlet . . but I am sharing . .  cause I am proud of the roll he's on lately . .

So this is what he's up to late at night . . .

(I do know this piece is incorporating our recent Metrolina Trip, and his finds!!)

"You can bring these in the shop any time now, or can I use in an install?"   Maybe he'll read this post sooner than us seeing each other in person to discuss !!!  Ships that pass.

- Beth

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