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To continue along the lines of being unique . . . let's think outside the box a bit on Bookcase Love.  Who says bookcases have to be boring.  Make them a statement piece.  We have the most amazing piece in the window of our showroom.  (Designed by Jaren Goh for Munkii, but reproduced by our carpenter Craig) it's a conversation piece.  My thoughts on reproducing . .  while I would rather the original, sometimes it's just unobtainable - but give credit where credit is due !  Take a look.

Bookcases, with all carpentry, the options out there are endless.  A good craftsman and artisan knows function as well as style, so trust them, but be creative !   Check out some of my favorites designs.

The first is a design by Reinier de Jong.   Clever piece, very contemporary, his website is beautiful - so the next time I am in the Netherlands... 

Read more at Reinierdejong.com

design by Reinier de Jong

Here's another piece with some amazing lines.  Leave it to the Italians at  Saporiti.  Take a closer look at it's clever use of typography and "Read Your Book Case!"

Read more at Saporiti.com

design by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Sporiti

How about this Colombian born designer Alejandro Gomez - kind of defies gravity, no?!
The modules are connected with a steel joint designed to withstand the weight of the books and forces the load of the weight towards the center.  It was exhibited during NY's design week last year in a show called "Equilibrium."  Nice !  No bookends needed here. 

 Read more at Malagana 

design by Alejandro Gomez

A room divider and a bookshelf.  The Book Wave Bookcase.  Made of felt fabric and stainless steel.  Another piece of art in my opinion.  A good DIY project, maybe.   I love when designers find great solutions !!!

 Read more at Lilio

designer Mehtap Obuz of Demirden Design

Get your exercise while reading, why not !  David Garcia's Archive II circular bookcase can be more for novelty than function.  It's a crazy fun idea that would bring the kid out in all of us.

Read more at David Garcia Studio

design by David Garcia

The diagonal bookcase.  This one at the Viceroy in Santa Monica.  Simple lines on a diagonal pattern created visual movement.  A great way to decorate a wide wall.  Kelly Wearstler did it right with the color and impact of this design.

design by Kelly Wearstler

Whimsical design . . . these next two images, I'm afraid I don't know the source, but maybe the DIY'ers out there can take a stab at. Fun!

designer unknown

designer unknown

The "tree" bookcase.  We have one at our showroom and I have used it a few times in projects I have worked on ... Great for a kid's space or nursery, but I would also have no problem with adding to my living space . . .

Modern and Minimalist, designer and artisan Olivier Dolle does it right, so on my next trip to France, or my next trip to visit my carpenter . . 

Read more (if you know your french) at Olivier-dolle.com

design by Olivier Dolle

Kind of Dr. Seuss-ish . . . This is called the "Wisdom Tree."  The designer, Jordi Mila of Barcelona, was inspired by the unexpected shapes of blooming nature, holding books in it's branches.  Available in red, white and black.

Read more at Jordi Mila.com

design by Jordi Mila

This "baroque" style wall installation of book case love has a black metallic, ornate frame shape over a white boxes.  Mounted in multiples for more impact.

Read more at grahamandgreen.co.uk

designer unknown

This freestanding bookcase is available in green, black, yellow, blue and red.  Would also make a great room divider, but hold your breath, just a mere $27,060 euros - really.. yikes!

designer AAKKOSET

Made of Carrara marble and part of the Gargosian Gallery, resembling a sponge with porous holes.  Amazing!  A limited-edition "Voronoi Shelf"

Read more at marc-newson.com

designer Marc Newson

Don't get too excited over this one either, it's only an art piece and not in production.  This "bookcase" is part of Ron Arad's exhibition at the Timothy Taylor Gallery.

Read more at ronarad.co.uk

design by Ron Arad

The "FlexiTube" is a mobile and can be changed into transparent room dividers.  Available in two sizes and can be combined in any number lying side by side or on top of each other.  Designed by Doris Kisskalt of Germany, I can't find a US distributor, but I might just find some concrete pour tubes and try myself.

Read more at architonic.com

design by Doris Kisskalt

Kind of reminds me of the "Nuages (Cloud) Bookcase" - 2002 cross-section, Art on Display at MoMA that I saw last year ... 

artists Ronan Bouroullec and Erwan Bouroullec

Being produced by Cappellini 

And lastly, this I love, just a clean, quite space with big windows, cool chair and tower-o-books ! It's calling my name.

Happy Wednesday !


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