Finishing Touches or Bigger Dilemma?

Hey There . . .

I have a new project.  A great house, in an artist filled, urban neighborhood, Noda -  Fun client too.  She came to me wanted help "finishing up" - colors, accessories, rugs maybe, and that she did need.  We roamed all over the house and I got a good sense of her style.  She wasn't afraid of color (hence the purple dining room).  She has some big, bold pieces and just needed help pulling it all together. 

Here's the thing,  I couldn't take my eyes off the main focal point of the main part of the house, the family room.  It has some issues I just can't get past.

Family Room dilemma !!!

So here's the thing.  I want to ditch the dark color and add a little pattern in a lighter color.  The room houses a large orange sectional, heavy and intense in color but with no pattern.  Opposite the sectional are two chocolate brown, solid chairs and again, a large chocolate brown ottoman.  The room needs some pattern!

So, in my thoughts, I added a great wall paper on the focal wall . . .


Still didn't do it for me, the placement of the bookcase and the off center TV were still bothering me. 

My plan - take out the oddly placed bookcase to the left of the fireplace, it was all I could focus on when I entered the room.  Adding this amazing wall paper to fill the wall gives you a focal point of interest.  The lighter color will brighten the space and we can save the dark for accessories and case goods.  Floating shelves and a centered TV adds balance, and wallpapered switch place to disguise!


Now comes the fun part - pattern, texture and the color she wants (and a great tie back to the purple dining room and big orange sectional)


We now have a centered TV with floating shelves on either side, the symmetry is much better.
Let's take a closer look at the fabrics !

I want to add panels on either side of the big french doors on the left side of the room, tall panels !

This stripe is perfect for the two brown chairs - want to recover.  It pulls the purple and orange, as well as the browns in the kitchen and flooring,

and a great new rug I found at market . . 

Now let's back up to the front door and small foyer . . .

Nice piece, but too big for the space, and there's this niche at the bottom on the stairs, interesting architectural detail, but a little odd.  I want to fill it with shelves, change the color and move all the books and these photos to that spot - streamline is my goal.

Let's add an occasional chair, new F - U - N rug and interesting side table.
Walls to be horizontally striped in a tone on tone putty and cream.

Check out the detail of that rug !!! 

Lastly, the purple Dining Room.
She has great high wood work in bright white and deep, deep eggplant walls, with big windows, it just looks a little hard.  Just want to soften up the look with curtain panels - my two options . . .

A closer look of those . . .

Both pattern have a bit of pale putty/grey, so I want to bring back the stripe in a simple flat weave rug under the table.

So . . . that's how I want to pull it together, let's see if she goes for it !

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