I'll be Having Dinner at the Club . .

Hey (dare I say) Ya'll.  

I feel like it after the oh-so-southern affair I attended not too long ago.  Lilly Pulitzer attire new and vintage  everywhere, drinks on the front lawn, the venue - the Charlotte Country Club . . doesn't get more old school southern than that.  This soiree was the Mint Museum's Room to Bloom "Evening Under the Palms" a dinner (and dance) wrapping up that week's fundraising events.  One of my client's KellyYoung and her co-chair and Tiffany Hinson hosted and did an outstanding job - the decor was beautiful for this Pulitzer inspired event.

Kelly Young, Charla Muller (author of 365 NIghts.. check that out !), Virginia Sutton, and my date, Tanya Reid (T. Reid and Co).  We all pulled out our Lilly's.

I loved the center pieces, with 30 plus tables, the towering "palms" with stretching fronds were so dramatic when you entered the room.

Loved the vintage dresses lining the club's entrance.

And a raffled Pulitzer bike . . 

The Champion of Conversational Prints . . .

Lillian Lee McKim, nicknamed Lilly was born in Roslyn NY in 1931.  Growing up and attending school in New York and Connecticut, she later eloped with Peter Pulitzer Jr. in 1950 and settled in Palm Beach Florida.  Her husband owned several citrus groves, and Lilly, wanting something of her own, opened a juice stand in Palm Beach.  She found squeezing the juice made a mess of her clothes and while seeking to camouflage the juice stains, she designed a sleeveless shift dress made of bright, colorful printed cotton.  Her customers loved her juice, but loved her dress even more and in 1959 Lilly became president of her own company and the look was born.

In 1993, the rights to the brand were purchased by Sugartown Worldwide, Inc with Lilly serving as creative consultant.  The company maintains some 75 Signature store.

Loving the look?  Lee Jofa has collaborated to introduce a new line fabrics available for the home.

We have our sample book, come take a look at the new collection, but first
head over to their new space in South Park, it will get you inspired to
dress the part or fill the house . . .

Happy pink and green !

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