Peaches, Peanuts and Pillows off 85 South

Hey There . . .

On Friday I headed South,  . . . I have a new client in Atlanta, and while pictures and phone calls enabled me to work on design boards and options, I get a little nervous about having those window treatments made without ever being in the room !  It can be done, mind you, but knowing it was the 2nd weekend of the month, I decided to not call in local help and do it myself then detoured over to Scott's and make it a full blown mini adventure of me-time - a fast 48 hours.

What's a trip to Atlanta without two of my favorite things . . . boiled peanuts and peaches, so that was my first stop.

So what is Scott's you say . . . only two huge buildings just off Interstate 285 filled to the brim with antiques, art, furniture, accessories, and a lot of good "junk."  It's a Flea, a good Flea, and I am always on the hunt for something unique and special.  Open the 2nd weekend of the month.

So close to one of the busiest airports, the constant take off and landing hum does fill the air, but most of the fair is inside, in two large buildings, North and South, which is also great if rain rolls in to mess up your day, or it's 100 degrees outside.

Take a look at some of the images du jour . . .

The oh-so-popular "taxi" art, as I call it.   These were real, gorgeous, but I am more of a "faux" head kind of gal (made a good pic though, have to say).

Came across these beautiful tapestries from the Congo, I was told.  They were pretty amazing.  Known as Kuba cloth, they can be used as clothing, in some cases - but I would probably cover an ottoman or make a few fabulous pillows..

The workmanship is intricate and some are pricey, but framed out would be quite the showpiece.

You know I am a fan of the big letters, found those along with a great idea for the old globe - turned pendant.  Accessory ideas were abundant at this show.  Collector . . . did a whole post on that.  Old clocks lined on a floating shelf would be pretty great, or boxed out and framed vintage brushes, mirror and combs would be good too.

I have a huge love of the vintage, take a look at this, made of Plaster of Paris, even the lace was embedding, I found it amazing and would put in my enormous walk in, dressing room or front and center in the living room oh-eclectic!

Love a good cheese cloth ruffle skirt. . 

This table was a great find, the vendor ships from Florida and uses a variety of bases and tops.  Coffee tables, islands, shelves and dining. 

Picked up a glass ball, just found them beautiful, plan on adding to the garden.

Fellow Charlotte Girl -  Amy Sims was there.  Have always been a fan of her goods, pillows, ottomans, side tables, lots of nail headed love.  

Check out her bedside chests, ottomans and great array of pillows.  For more information on the goods, give me a call and I will be happy to source for you !

A little more industrial chic love . . .
I am always on the hunt for old frames.  Great for your art collection, on their own on a big white wall, or filled with cork for a chic push pin board.
Parker Kennedy has a booth with great accessories.  Love the horse photo framed in plexi, the antique mirrored frames and mid-center furniture pieces.  Found several headboard vendors and a few vendors with "oddities," like these skulls, they were cool.

This clever vendor (who also shows at Metrolina here in Charlotte) has a pretty great lighting line...

And lastly, found this fab shirt, had to have.  It's one of so many cute things I found at Jill Clow's booth.  She also has a website which is great . . .  check her out at

Tanszy Bailey (her pic is below) brings back all this amazing beaded jewelry from Guatemala.  I love her story.  A large portion of the proceeds support the Dios Con Nosotros Mission Project.  Three Cheers for Three Tengo Trading!

So head south from Charlotte, past the big peach to Atlanta on the 2nd weekend of the month 
and find your next treasure.

Bring on Monday . . .

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