What the Font ?

Bloggers . . .  have to admit I am a little font obsessed!  Maybe it comes from all the years of doodling, all the art classes, scribbling my new name  "Mrs. David Cassidy" on everything.  I was a major doodler.   I was born 15 years too early with everything available these days on line, on your phone, on your Apple. .  if I only had more time.  I do watch Lucy (and now Kate) as they whip through and learn all the cool things they can create on their Mac's.

I am blown away by all the fonts out there.  Take a look at some of my new favorites !  Want them yourself .  . check out dafont.com, and you can download them yourself . . for free.

You can get a little carried away downloading, but think of all the applications.  add to your i photo books  scrapbooks, blogs, business blogs and websites. 

Now Lucy is my app go to.  She has found some great photo apps to play with. 

Check this one out . . . called My Sketch and turns it any picture into a sketch . . cool.

Check out my other favorites all available 
on i tunes . . 

Take a lazy afternoon and play . . . it's pretty cool!

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