A Pillow or Two Can Make All the Difference !

Hey There . . .

I loved my quickie install today . .  at Rebecca Drendel's.  She's awesome.  Just tweaked her living space a bit.  She had the basics, sofa, rug, chairs and a fab built in we installed at the beginning of the year.  Keith also did a large piece of art not too long ago for over the sofa.  We needed pillows and I wanted to add a new floor lamp.

Sent her a quick design board for a visual on how it could look . . .

She let me have my way today.  I brought over the gorgeous pillows I found to brighten the tan sofa and add that splash of color which really brought Keith's piece to life.  The new floor lamp was just something I had to put in the room, and she loved it !  Hers was fine, just a little small and too traditional with the fab new built in we added.

All of these are available in other color ways !

I love how the look is complete now.

Thanks Rebecca !!

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