Spotlight: Rachel O'Neill

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I wanted to spotlight a designer I came across in New York at the contemporary show.  Rachel O'Neill.    Ashley and I were instantly drawn into her booth to take a closer look at the pieces we saw hanging, sculptures ?  No -  it was lighting  . . but what were they made of  ??

  Upon closer inspection, and after a little explanation from Rachel, we discovered they were made of velcro  . . . amazing !

Rachel hails from Northern Ireland.  Listening to her wonderful accent reminded me of the few years we lived in Dublin !  She's an artist, that's obvious . . . her use of tactile materials and cleaver design to create these unique pieces I found inspiring.  They are playful yet sophisticated with your choice of color.  She explained a few installations to include residential as well as large scale commercial... an added bonus is the flexibility of the pieces making them easy to ship, and with the size - huge plus.

She finds inspiration from sea and landscape of her native Ireland.  Described perfectly from her site,

". . .these objects have a fluid, often amorphous visual quality redefining their purpose and shapes . . "

Take a look at a few of her installations and projects . . .

Rachel . . . great meeting you at the show !  I love a clever idea. . 

For more information, contact us a www.lucyandcompany.com or visit Rachel's site

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