Dunes and Duchess Meet New England . . .

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Meet photographer Michael Parterio and stylist/editor Stacy Kunstel of Dunes and Duchess.  I met the pair in Atlanta as well.  I was immediately drawn to the unique shapes and colors of the pieces they were showing at market, and somehow, something looked familiar.  

Familiar . . . yep, I recalled seeing their red hot candelabra in the May issue of Traditional Home . . 

I loved this vendor for a few reasons . . . the colors first off, then after speaking with them for a bit, I was briefly brought back to a summer I had in Martha's Vineyard and Block Island . . .  I was about 18.  Now these beautiful pieces fit in perfectly with the look in my mind when it comes to New England style design.  I grew up in Connecticut, and while we weren't this hip and cool back then, if I were to design the ideal look now, I would absolutely filter in a piece of two by Dunes and Duchess !  But do keep in mind, with the abundance of color (and custom colors available) they offer, these modern shapes are just limited to "New England Chic."

Take a look at a few images from their site . . .

This chair is great . . . love the shade and can be used in numerous applications, painted or

Now that I am going over all my pictures from Atlanta (which I will share soon)  I like to take the time to think about all the different ways I can use what I am finding at market. 

Today, I'm in the "New England Summer" frame of mind . . .

Rustic clapboard houses, a lot of white, a lot of pine beams, Hudson Bay point blankets, lobster rolls, Newport Jazz Festival, plaid jackets and seersucker, Sperry Topsiders, worn leather, a lot more white !

Started playing around with an ideal bedroom in my ideal cottage . . .

. . . love anything? . . . be glad to source for you.
Take a closer look at the gorgeous sea fans and shells
 . . .  and Studio Bon fabric

. . . just a few more images from my files to get you in the mood . . .

photo by Mark Gaulke

Above images via (clockwise) 1. ElleDecor, 2. Malabar fabric (available at www.lucyandcompany.com), 3. Preppy, Cultivating Ivy Style 4.unknown 5. Airwalk plaid sneakers  6. www.jennabrooke.blogspot.com

Long Island retreat, designed by Calvert Wright and shop for Elle Decor

The Hudson Bay point blanket screams New England to me.  It's iconic stripes are classic and can be used in many an application.
available at www.woolrich.com

Here's the cottage I would live in -  in my mind, beach front of course . . .

Above images via 1. Photographer Peter Vanderwarker for Architectural Digest 2-5. Photographer Christopher Baker for House Beautiful,
Fabric and bag by Ralph Lauren.

The rope beds are what make this room . . . we do have a vendor for those as well !

But my favorite part of the "walk down the north-east memory lane" . . . 
the beach side crab boils.

Happy Monday !

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