Install of the Week !

Hi All . . .

I just left Atlanta this morning after a 2 day install . . . a project I have been working on long distance for Nicole, Jameel (and Pepper) Hasan.  Nicole saw some working I had done on Pinterest, and called  to see what I could do for her new place just outside Atlanta.   I was thrilled to jump in and help make her new house a home!

We started talking and emailing, she sent pictures and described her wants and needs.  The main goal was to tackle the main living space which bleed into the kitchen.  

Take a look at the "before" shots . . . 

She was very trusting, which I appreciated . . . I decided to go in the direction of warm tones pulling the colors from the kitchen cabinets and counters.  I had a blank slate, but I did find direction from the images of her master bedroom, which she had completed.  Those pictures clued me into the look she loved.  I took that style, brought it up a notch or two with a few unexpected pieces to create the look for the family room .  Whimsical, yet not crazy (wanted it to jive with the style of the house),  but fun for this set of young newlyweds.  I definitely wanted an eclectic style, mixing modern, with vintage, and a drop of traditional.

Take a look at the design board I emailed onto Nichole . . .

A few months later . . . I hit the road with all my painters and installer, Ashley Mullis, in a big 'ole 14 foot truck!  My goal . . . transformation in 2 days.

Voila . . .

Keith did another piece for me from a series he as been working on . . . The cool blues broke up the warm tones and visually allowed me to start adding blues in the front of the house and kitchen creating a smooth transition.

The kitchen cornice was upholstered in the same fabric as the family room panels and joined the two rooms together visually.

 My favorite piece of all was the coffee table . . . I found the top at a vintage store, and the bottom at a larger retail store.  A little gold leaf to the base - and a  new piece is born.

Through the kitchen area was a small powder room . .  I continued with the merlot, browns and gold with this fab wall paper . . I love busy wall paper in small powder rooms.  I added in the green on the cornice and then painted the ceiling a brighter acid green for fun.

We are soon moving into Phase 2. . .  the front living space and dining room.  The design plan was in place prior to our trip  so we went ahead and painted, papered and adding a new chandelier on this trip!

Isn't the paper gorgeous !!!  I can't wait for the table and chairs . . .soon !

Thanks so much Nichole - for the trust and allowing my vision to come through as a whole !!!

It was a fun trip and a major 2 day transformation.

I headed straight for the mountains for a little 3 day R&R and camp pick up !

Happy July 4th !!!


  1. I am always amazed at your work Beth! I can't wait until I can afford to get you out here to help me in Oregon. Please let me know if you ever plan to be in town!!

    1. Melissa . . thanks !!! Did I tell you I was doing a job in Oregon ?! Long distance isn't totally out of the question - even Oregon ! Send me pictures !!!

  2. Yes, Beth. Are you still working with that client? Have you been out here to the site yet? I would love to see the pictures of what you're doing. What part of Oregon? I imagine with your talent you are capable of anything, just not sure my wallet is as of yet!
    My daughter is almost ready to depart with the twister bedding! lol