It's Peachy-Keen !

Hey There . . . .

What . . peach and green ? . . yep.  It was all over my house circa 1989 . . . I am bringing it back with a new client who loves the combination, finally!   I have re-loved this combination for a while and have been dying to use this fabric. I have my chance now so I plan on using it in a breakfast room !  Now that room isn't my main focus - the master bedroom is -  but we are creating a banquette covered in this amazing fabric (vinylized of course) Yippee !

The walls are a slightly distressed putty color and I want to do a rather interesting photo installation, as well as find a vintage fixture . . . working on that.

While I was up in the mountains I started pondering my thoughts on the rest of the project and found a few past images in my pinterest files to draw inspiration from.

Images like this help a lot . . . when explaining a "look" to a client or a specific thing. . .

image by Naomi Davis

photography by Irene Suchocki

Oly showroom at High Point Market, photography by Chrissi Shields

design by Barrie Benson

reposted from thorey.tumblr.com from Better Homes and Garden

Take a look at the design board I came up with for the master bedroom . . .

my favorite peach and green wall paper  . . .  new bedding, all white accents, a little metal sprinkled in, lots of white cotton, and 3 different wall papers . . . stay tuned.

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