A Little Neon, a Little Debbie . . . All Lucy . . . .

Happy Birthday Debbie Harry . . . Hard to believe my 80's punk rock idol -  the lead singer of Blondie turned 67 today in Miami.  Where has the time gone . . 

Andy Warhol 1980

Lucy saw me post this and said ... A. "Who is Blondie" and B. I love the neon green!  Ok, she needs a lesson on real music, and neon . . hum.  Not exactly my favorite, but she loves it.  Would paint her room that color if I let her, and that's a big, fat no.  Her neon green socks and neon green disc (for disc golf - a new "thing" around this house) is about all the neon I can handle.

So neon made its re-appearance from the 80's last year, briefly.   It appeared on the runways - Michael Kors - as far as I can remember - but he does most everything well, neon included.  

A little goes a . . .   l - o - n -  g . . .  way.  Here's my opinion on neon. Small dollops . . . maybe a small purse, or keds.  

photo via

 photo via

Nails, sure . . . that I love.  A tan helps, helps a lot !

Cool boots . . . love too.

 photo via

Fabric . . . this is about the only one I love . . . of course Designer's Guild . . . I could work with that for sure !

Furniture - from the Contemporary Furniture Show . . . a chair . .  sure.. one only please, not a room full.

 photo via

I pulled together a few juicy citrus, "neon" accessories I could go for . . . 

1. Cleobella Cantina Medium Bag available here;  2. Tory Burch Aline Flat's available here; 3. La Mer Watches available here; 4.   Strappy Top Shop Sandals available here;  5.  Fluoro Satchel available here

And, yeah . . . she looks pretty good !

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Ok, really good.  I think I actually had a neon yellow bathing suit in the 80's, but don't remember it looking like this.

 photo via

And here's Mr. Kors . . . like I said . .  can do no wrong !

There isn't much he can't make glamorous . . .

So happy birthday Debbie Harry, and Lucy . . . this is all for you !

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