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After the craziest week of installs (pics to come) and lots of new meetings (so excited about my new clients and their projects that will fill the rest of my summer and into the fall).  I am laying low this rainy morning here in Charlotte going through the rest of my pics from the Atlanta Market.  With the new projects I am working on I can't wait to filter in my new finds.

So I wanted to share some of my favorite details and highlights.  Remember I would be happy to source anything you see !!

Take a look !

One of my favs were these iron tables with stone tops - great for outdoor or in, and check out this vintage TV - turned radio - want!  I am all over these dyed hides in these great graphics patterns.

My Great Aunt, Netsy Scott, designer, always believed a room needed a little bit of Asia and a touch of black - gotta say, I agree. Love this blue, slightly distressed,  shelf (available in other colors).  This wall console has a beautiful black lacquer top and sides, with the most amazing silver leaf and Chinoiserie pattern (fyi . .  Chinoiserie... a french term which refer to a recurring theme in European artistic styles with Chinese influences).
Another Asian inspired armoire . . so beautiful.

Last year this amazing tufted mirror made a new appearance in a different color, and check out the gorgeous chandeliers.

I have had my eye on this rocker for a while . . . still love.

And always keeping my eyes open for lighting, this drum had a great qua trefoil shape and it's use of corrugated cardboard was loaded with texture.  In sharp contrast was this metal gem  . .  glam, shiny, slick.  Both modern in shape yet so different. 

The chesterfield sofa . . . huge comeback . .  all over the blogs and magazines.  Not just for your manly office or library.  Available in so many colors these days and their "cool" factor has gone way up . . I will soon have a green one!

Loving the head board, pillows and coverlet.

A little ottoman pop of color .. .

This was my "chair of the day" a while back . . . loving the new fabrics offered.  And check out the great, clutter free - clean and slick secretary with tons of storage.  How about a new spin on the "sit around"  decorative balls.

Just move me into this room.  Love the colors, shapes and details.

And I will take this room as well.  Great art, check out the arms on the sofa, loving the lucite.  MIxed with antique gold side table brings just that much more attention to the modern.

Another thing I loved was the creative displays.  Not only do I check out all the goods, but am constantly looking at window displays for inspiration, hence all my walk-by's in NYC at Bergdorg's.  I have always thought that would be the coolest job.

Check out these art pieces.  Think I will be collecting toilet paper rolls and rather than tossing my old magazines, start saving them for "pinwheels" that can be used in so many ways, I can't even list them all !  It's all about opening your eyes to shapes and materials.

How about a little multi-medium art similar to this - big impact !

Skier ?  Isn't this awesome !  Bring it . . . Adirondack with much more interest.

So . . another great day or two in Hot-lanta.  Loved the get-a-way.

Happy Weekend . .  and while I precede NOT to get off this sofa while I work on some new ideas - Keith and kids are off to the final day of the . . . 

2012 PDGA disc golf
world championship !!!

Yes, you heard it here . . Charlotte is hosting the "World Championship PDGA"
Stay tuned and I will give you a little inside in the world of what has become a big, new hobby around this house . . .

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