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In an effort to find something  NEW  and EXCITING  for the kids this summer, Keith has gotten them into the sport of Disc Golf.  Apparently Charlotte has quite the hub of courses, like Renaissance, Hornets Nest and Reedy Creek to name a few. He's  been playing for years, but this summer even more so.

The PDGA came to Charlotte for it's World Championship for a week . . . and he caddied for Holly Finley, a.k.a. "Finale Finley"  (a model I might add. . . hum).  He had a great time and picked up a few pointers for our girls.  While out took some really great pictures, and I am all about some good Instagram shots - take a look.  He's got a good eye .  .

Leading ladies in Charlotte . . . Paige Pierce, Holly Finley and Sara Hokom, and Debbie Scott (of Charlotte).  Kate got to meet them all, and had her disc signed.

this shot was taken by AJVaughn of Sarah Hokum !

Of course . . . I had to play around with my Disc Golf inspired design while they were out there sweating today.  I think my style of choice would be a little mid-century with a great Designer's Guild fabric on it.  The art would have to be "disc" inspired.  Some chrome, a side table with an actual disc top.  And I would have to use this one of a kind rug from one of our vendors.  A mixture of 60% Alpaca, 40% Silk fibers in custom colors and sizes, all hand-tufted in Peru.

So my "Disc Room" has a bit of a "Space" edge does it not? . . . The reason -  Lucy had to break away from  PDGA time with her sister to headed off to Space Camp !

In another effort to find something NEW and    EXCITING I signed Lucy and Pop (my dad) up for Space Camp, in Huntsville, Alabama !  Running out of birthday presents for 70 yr old dad's . . try Space Camp. . .  Cutest thing ever.  The two took a road trip down from Charlotte, by way of The Lost Sea, a lot of local diners and dives and whatever else looked hokey and fun.

Lucy is my "computer, robot, engineer, technical, problem solving" child and my Dad the "West Point Grad, engineer, math, major problem solver and story teller."  This was right up their alley, and a trip I am sure she will always remember.

What I loved were the "dorms" - that's how different we are !  They, of course, were all about what they learned at camp,  I found a little design inspiration in the pictures they were sending me.

I was inspired by the corrugated sheet metal everywhere.  While on www.houzz.com this week (cause A. often check them out and B. Lucy and Company was spotlighted !!) I came across great design by Brennan & Co Architects.
I researched a little further and found this great piece by Katarina Hall

So, while designing my space inspired room . . . I have decided not to let Lucy see the sonic chair - or she'll want one . . . 

rug, sofa, green chair, fabric, lighting, pillows  - all available at www.lucyandcompany.com
"sonic chair" available  here

Or I could just head over to Design within Reach and pick up a few things . . . Love this look.

and love these chairs of theirs . . .

Want to learn more about disc golf . . . check out www.pdga.com, www.innova.com  and www.dynamicdisc.com
Want to learn more about space camp . . . check out www.spacecamp.com

Want a funky room . . call me, I'm up for it.

Update . . .

And the winners are  . . as of Saturday afternoon . . 
Sara Hokum - first place, the new Women’s Pro World Champion!
Debbie Scott - second place Women’s Pro
Paige Piece - seventh place Women’s Pro
Holly Finley - fourth place in Advanced Amateur

congrats ladies !

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