Install of the Day Part 1.

Happy Wednesday !

I started my day packing up a big 'ole truck heading to Florida tomorrow, filled with three rooms of good things for the Sunday Richardson's . . . but today it was all about the Dawn Richardson's - coincidence  - nope, sisters-in-law.  I am so excited to be helping out these two, (or should I say 10 - kids and parents combined).  Thanks to the introduction by their mom-in-law Judy, a client, and friend I have gotten to know this past year.  Judy was kind enough to sing my praises and one thing lead to another . .  new houses, new construction.  I  was asked to help with 6 kids rooms in Mooresville NC and Clearwater FL.

Today I tackled the North Carolina crew and the cutest girl in the world, Elon Richardson.  Her infectious laughter and enthusiasm rubbed off on me and totally captured the attention of Molly, my new assistant.  We created not 1, but about 6 design boards for her to chose from when creating her new room to share with her new sister, Harper - soon to arrive from China. 

 Here's the winner.

We didn't change much from the original design board, just pumped up the color of the beds !

Now Dawn (mom) is more of a graphic kind of girl, not frilly and flowery and Elon is a lover of pink. I chose a bold graphic stripe wall paper which is sold vertically, but we chose to run it horizontally- we added other geometric elements in the pillows and accessories.

Molly, on her own, had this custom watermelon pillow made for Elon.  During our first meeting, Elon taught Molly how to play Angry Birds, while describing her love of watermelons.  Molly was so thoughtful when she found, and customized this pillow to surprise us all with.  That personal touch was of course the first thing she noticed when she ran in the room !

I found this great vintage side table, the perfect size for this tight space.  My favorite part of the room has to be the window nook.  A perfect place for reading.  I came across this great (vintage as well) swivel, rocker and quickly handed it over to Erin to recover.  She pulled it off for me in 2 days!  A little pouf, side stoop and the perfect windows.  New from Designer's Guild, it combined the pinks and navy as well as a grounding grey.  Dawn loved the fabric - even though it took her out of her comfort zone a bit !

It was a fun and crazy install day - in that we also brought in things for Elon's two brother's (stay tuned !)  I love working with these Richardson's.  I even loved creating a bunch of design boards for them to choose from - I tend to get carried away with that.  Take a look at my second favorite . . .

Stay tuned and I will give you a look at Camden's Room

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