Install of the Day Part 2.

 . . . . after we pulled together Elon and Harper's room, we headed down the hallway to Camden and Case's rooms.  I really think Dawn was thrilled that I handled it all for her - she had enough on her plate with the demo going on downstairs in the kitchen at the same time!

Now Camden (described as her "trendy" one) - I originally designed a look like this . . . Modern with the chevron wall paper and crazy circle rug.  It was strong and graphic and "boy."

 . . . but after we got together and Dawn wanted to "edge" it up even more.  She loved the idea of a strong punch color,  I loved the idea of a graphic black wall paper on an accent wall.  She was game which was great !  So idea no. 2 went into place !

. . . and take a look !  Don't be afraid of a strong accent wall.  With all the natural light and remaining walls being white - it works!  We also painted a side wall in the room the acid green found in the window treatments - all fun!

Camden's favorite element - his new metal back and black leather Egg Chair !!  Loves it.   It spins and it's just plain cool !   Available at www.lucyandcompany.com  of course ! 

It was great . . running from room to room transforming them . . . and calling the kid's upstairs for the "reveal,"  but where's Case?

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