Install of the Day Part 3.

. . . where was Case?  My third install for the day . . . in part, I should say.

Case, the oldest of the Dawn Richardsons . . . scored the king size bed and the TV.  I played around with a few designs.  This first option incorporated a green / grey overall wall color.  This color contrasted well with  the big brown leather headboard.  The rug in this option was a mixture of green and grey as well, almost "mossy-stone" like - and the cool furniture was all metal and industrial.  Good start . . .

After a little tweaking, we chose a more traditional "boy" approach with blues . . . We kept the furniture choices and switched out the rug and chair . . . It still has the industrial vibe !

We installed the rug, tables, and lighting today, but alas . . . it was almost 7:00 pm and I had no light for pictures - so stay tuned to get a good look at Case's reaction and the finished product !

I am off early in the morning for Part Two of Richardson Week  - Florida bound.

Stay tuned and cross your fingers the truck makes it without a problem !!

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