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Howdy . . .

The infamous Bonus Room . . . . what to do, what to do . . . .  Beside doing that room first to get the kids out of your living room (and hair), it's a great room to really have fun with.  It's a room where you can take a little bit of a holiday from yourself (and the look of the rest of your house) and live out your inner cool.  In a perfect world, it's a big room with 12 foot ceilings and distressed hardwood floors to start, most likely though, it's a big room over the garage with angled ceilings and wall to wall carpet.   Either way, it's a big open space not to be neglected and a place for all the TV watching and game playing !

Recently, a client of mine, Jane Jones gave me a call to tackle hers.  With a husband, two boys and a rather traditional home - my goal was to pull her out of her comfort zone a bit, while designing comfortable to handle all the men in her life.   My color scheme came first with her rug choice... I showed her about three.

This was the winning design for the Jones family.

and here the finish product . . 

I love this bookcases . . . they are perfect to flank a really small center window to give the back wall some interest.  The wall paper on that wall also added a lot of depth . . Maps love it.

As Tim Gun would say . . . use your accessories "thoughtfully."  Same applies in interiors.

Ok . . . I couldn't resist showing you design no. 2.  While I showed Jane this rug and sofa option - which was not her first choice, I couldn't resist designing the entire room for another potential client that wanted a red ikat rug . . .  I love this too.

Happy Weekend !!! and stay tuned for the other 3 installs from the week !!

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