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This has been the week / month of installs !

This is a story of a little girl, and the perfect paper . . 

I love the design process.  Playing with ideas to find the perfect look.  What I love more is a trusting client who knows I will pick the perfect options for the perfect room within the perfect budget.  Recently Robin Henderson came to see me to design a space for her last baby . . . who was ready for her OWN space.  Now the youngest often inherit "nurseries of siblings prior." My own came home from the hospital and right into a tweaked guest room (I know so sad . . but I new I would blow it out with her "big girl" room).  

I was out to give this little girl a special room, and after I met her, I was on a mission to do just that.  Addison is so full of personality.  Main request - Lavender and pink.

My first option went this way . . .

I loved the idea of this paper on one wall with the remaining three lavender.  With all the other three walls lavender, visually the entire room will feel that color without it being overwhelming.  All the accents and fabrics will then pop and add interest.  Splashes of green and turquoise.

My second option went this way . . . 

We all loved this wall paper.  It was a go.  I quickly ordered all the large pieces (as they take the longest), and I ordered an actual sample of the all paper.  

While gorgeous from my vendor's on line site . . . and amazing in person - it was very different in tones and colors that I expected . .  so . . aiming to please . . I found a few other options mid-stream.

My third option went this way . . .

Success.  It combined the lavender and pink requested and Addison came by with her mom for a quick smile of approval . .  I am always looking out and want it perfect !

Take a look at our finished product . . .

I love the end-of-bed storage ottoman . . . isn't the fabric gorgeous !  My new friend Erin, did an amazing job with the upholstery . . . check out those perfect corners !  

Fun job . . . thank you Henderson's !

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  1. Adorable options!! My favorite is 1! If you don't mind sharing...who is the manufacturer of the wallcovering in option one?