Install of the Week, Part 1.

Hi There . . .

I know I'm in Florida when I start seeing the Hibiscus bushes growing like weeds, when I see the late afternoon skies fill with those sweeping black clouds, that do their 30 minute rain dance, and when my hair turns to a fuzzy mess that no smoothing treatment will cure.

I am here to install 3 rooms I have been working on for Sunday and Jason Richardson and their 3 daughters, Ella, Anna Scott and Wyrn.  This was another "long distance" job and I am here to tell you, it can be done.  A floor plan, pictures and a lot of trust will get it done.

Sunday spent a lot of phone and email time with me describing the personalities of her girls and their favorite colors, as well as their needs as far as the "function" of the room.  I started with Ella, who was described as

"wide open"

That description sent me in this direction . . I wanted to use a lot of pink and orange, but I didn't want to fill the walls with it.  I often feel using a clean "neutral" like white and or grey will make that color pop even more.  I wanted a room for an "artist."  An artistic thinker that is.. visual, energetic, and here's what I came up with . . 

I could not wait to use this paper . . it was clean and crisp.  A great accent wall paper - using a neutral grey on the remaining 3 walls.  My color comes in pops - here and there . . .

We installed today . .  as well as moved the family into the house - it was crazy fun.

I am in love with this room . . .

Take a good look at the Egg chair . .  at the last minute I decided to hand paint one instead of the solid orange, or should I say,  I decided to have Keith paint one !  

It was a fun weekend project we did in the driveway, with all our neighbors watching and wonder just what we were up to - they think we are crazy to begin with - but it made for good "driveway hanging out."  It turned out oh-so fab, and definitely one of a kind !!!

Great fabric . .  it was another great pop of color behind the vintage white dresser.

It was so fun hanging with Sunday today and helping with the craziness.  She found a great local installer for me - thanks Steve, great job.

Stay tuned for Part 2. -  Anna Scott's room !

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