Wythe Not for the Love of Colonial Blue . . .

Hey There . . .

I'm back . . . thought I'd show you the second of two installs from my Tuesday. .

Loving the red. . 

Let me give you the back story . . . 

Historical Williamsburg . . . the Wythe House, unfamiliar?  I was, until I met Jen Dyer.  The Dyer's recently purchased a home in the Sedgewood Circle neighborhood.  This Charlotte home was built by Eric W. McComb and Architect Sam W. Greeson of Meyer, Greeson - who were inspired by the design of Virginia's George Wythe Home.  Now George, a prominent attorney and (my favorite...) "thinker," by that I mean took part in discussions about the ideas that shaped the Revolution.  He was Thomas Jefferson's teacher and mentor.  He was the first signer of the Declaration of Independence from Virginia.  His home served as General George Washington's headquarters just before the British siege of Yorktown.  He liked brick.

It is believed the house was built and designed in the mid 1750's by his father-in-law Richard Tallaferro and the Wythe's, Elizabeth and George, lived in the home for more than thirty years.

So, I wonder if the Dyer's - Jen, Cam, Luke, Finn,  Ivy Greer and their dog Ranger will make their new home a place of 30 years !

Now I am all about the historical preservation of architecture (I live next door to Architect, Don Duffy - Charlotte's Best in my opinion, and my go-to for any questions with my 1921 home) but the interior of this home, while gorgeous in it's detail, size and layout, needed a little of 2012 updating !

The Dyer's pulled in a contractor to help with some renovation that needed to be done.  The kitchen and master bathroom mainly.  They also painted right away.   All the trim was blue - colonial yes, but not the look they (or I) wanted - so I was thrilled with the trim being done when I got there.

Take a look at a traditional Williamsburg look . . .

We met the week after they moved in, boxes and all.

I am thrilled to help Jen and the family create a beautiful new place to call home.  I put together a game plan for the first floor to include the Dining Room, Living Room, Family Room, and Sunporch.  We started in July with a Thanksgiving completion goal.  With the help of my installers, vendors and great new assistant Molly - we finished the Sitting Room early and in September plan on finishing the details in the other three.

Take a look at where I started.

With the house, came the rug.  It was to stayed - and was the start of the color scheme we chose.

In the front sitting room, typically formal, we chose to go a little more casual and livable.  It lead to the main family room which makes for great "overflow."  Perfect for gatherings between the two rooms and a great visual between both.

Another part of my plan was to repurpose and keep as much as I could rather than starting over.  At our first meeting I wandered around taking pictures of all their existing furniture.  I took one of their sofas and reupholstered it for this room.  I also took two existing tufted chairs to use in that room (the color and style worked).  With the colors of the Dining Room rug, across the hall, I chose a deep red grass cloth,  mixed with new pillows and great new graphic rug (welcome 2012).

Notice the fab artwork . . chose to do a large grouping of the sea fans and shells, framed in glass with distress metal frames.  Fills the wall and looks amazing.

An oversized drum chandelier added a modern touch and tied back to the existing fixtures in the adjoining Family Room.

On to the Dining Room across the hall . . . here's the plan.

This room, as well as all the other rooms in the house got a fresh coat of gold paint before moving in.  They picked a pretty gold color, but I wanted to break it up just a bit.  I chose to change the Dining Room to grey and wall paper the Sitting Room - they were game.

This room also need almost everything.

We were lucky and received the dining table, chairs, chandeliers and window treatments in record time!  So we are off to a good start to complete for the holidays - just waiting for the sideboard.

The Sunporch  is next . . .  Big and empty with lots of windows . . .  When working on the design plan for the front of the house - I wanted a complete plan for this room.  We are half way there and can't wait for those amazing windows!

Stay tuned . . . we are installing that room in a few weeks.

So Wythe not stay true to the architectural detail, while creating something modern, comfortable and inspirational to you . .  on the inside !

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  1. Beautiful room!!!! Wondering who manufactures the rug?