An Art-filled Afternoon. . .

Happy Sunday . . 

After shooting my outdoor space yesterday . . . I had some time to get outside myself with the husband and kids, so -  true to form, we did a little something artistic.  We hit the Festival in the Park here in Charlotte.  Today is the last day, until next year.  Get out if you can and take a stroll around the lake.  We go to people watch, find art inspiration, spend time together and eat - good junk food to be had!

this image courtesy of John Colby

Thought I'd share some of the art I was drawn to . . .

Meet Cheryl Ward.  With her husband, Steven, they have created these truly special pieces.  Ward's Prairie Grass is made from dried cattail reeds, which have been collected, cured and hand painted with acrylics.  Pretty gorgeous and will add to your space not only color, but major texture.  Been a fan for a few years now and was delighted to get a refresher look.

this picture courtesy of Cheryl's site

Meet Jerry Thompson.  His work is fascinating.  He wants his work to "be this overwhelming concept the viewer can come back to and see a different piece of its inter workings."  With classes in printmaking at Spirit Square and drawing classes at CPCC, it paid off . .   he has shown regionally in Greensboro as well as nationally in Salt Lake City and New York.  Being a pen & ink man, I couldn't get Keith out of his booth !

this picture courtesy of Jerry's site

Meet Yvonne Miller, Atlanta native.  A talented painter and emerging young artist who combines her love of art and love of animals.  Her pop-art style pet portraits and 2-D collages caught my eye.  She, as well, is gaining regional and national attention, being featured on the cover of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  She also donates a portion of each portrait to the Atlanta Humane Society.  I loved the saturated colors and collages especially.

Meet Marc James of MJ Villanueva.  Contemporary Mixed Media Artist.  Love his bright, textural take.  Each piece has such great movement, some married with organic material.  Educated at the University of Hawaii receiving degrees in education and culinary arts.  I have always thought a truly good chef pays attention to the color presentation as a key ingredient, I love that Marc took his culinary experience and translated it into amazing art presentations.  These pieces can be mixed in any wall grouping.  I purchased a piece last year - and continue to love it.

Meet Brian Shope "Sawdust Producer" (isn't that great. . on his business card).  Brian hails from Hendersonville, NC which I was so happy to discover in that we have a mountain house there and maybe I can pay him a visit.   I am amazed that he doesn't own a lathe.  All by hand, each piece of reclaimed wood is unique and maintains it's organic look and feel as Brian works his magic.  I can see the time and care he takes.  He explained how he uncovered the piece below under another piece of wood while he was shopping in the forest.    He explained it's Spalted Ambrosia Maple and he estimates it at 500-600 years old.  Pretty amazing.   What is Spalted you ask . . . Spalting is any form of wood coloration caused by fungi and ambrosia is wood infested by the ambrosia beetle.  All things I don't know anything about, but found so interesting and the end result of Brian's work is really beautiful.  Looking for an organic touch . . . it doesn't get any better than this !

the studio shots courtesy of Brian's site

Meet Cynthia Chuang and Erh Ping Tsai of Jewelry 10.  They follow their ABC's Artistry, Beauty, and Character.  All hand-made, all one-of-a-kind inspired by nature originating from their home country of Taiwan.  Can you say "intricate."  Rich with semi-precious stones, paint, metals and porcelain.  There's clay inlays, underglazing and overglazing and an abundance of the millefiori technique.  Millefori is a glasswork or claywork technique which produces distinctive decorative patterns.  The term millefiori is a combination of the Italian word "mille" (thousand) and "fiori" (flowers).  Hail to you crafters and jewelry makers - pretty amazing !  I learned a lot just wanting them for a few minutes.  The patience . . .

Happy Sunday !

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