Another Layer . . . Another Tweak !

Hey All.

Every time I see a wall paper go up I get excited.  I love how much it changes a space, and the papers these days are truly amazing !  Back again with another wall paper tweak to complete a space.

Not too long ago I wrote about my client Constance Blevins, a post entitled "Chaotic Color Meet Dog Lover" (here).  She's not afraid of color and layering patterns and she loves her dogs !   We added another layer recently that I think makes the foyer and sets the tone of the house.  She clearly has a "look" with all the strong colors and patterns, and it works only because it is continued throughout the entire space.

I love this paper and using the black and white color way was perfect with the tone of the house.  The white background of the paper makes the art, furniture and accessories stand out, the whimsy of the "push-pin ribbon" is in keeping as well.  Take a look ! 

The entry foyer is connected to two side hallways filled with artwork.  We kept it white for a true gallery look but there was a lonely nook under the stairs.  It was a little blah for Blevins Look.  Enter a red patent leather, quilted paper and my favorite - this black and white grasscloth on the slope ceiling.

I embellished it a bit further with ribbon and nail heads along the seams for an even more custom look.  It's a nice tie back to the nearby foyer in it's "push pin" look, yet unique and tactile.

A strong white ceramic lamp with black shade and vintage grey side chair, both simple yet interesting in shape and allow your focus to stay on the walls.

Strong black and white is, without doubt, a look.  When used throughout a space can be dramatic and striking - remember this from a week ago (I was priming you . . )

Constance uses it throughout her space mixing in equally saturated colors.

“ We love the foyer so much we are eating in the dining room (and it’s not Thanksgiving or Christmas) so we can look at it !!!!! 

And this is where it all started .  . a custom rug we created for her lake room !

Whenever I get a call for something she's been pondering, I get to live out my color and pattern fantasy and I know it will be anything but dull.

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