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I am Mekenzie France, and I am so exited to be joining Beth at Lucy and Company to bring even more ideas and news to the blog.  We both agree that a much prettier word for blog is journal and that's what we intend to create - a journal filled with unique finds, stories and images, as well as Beth's installations.

Did you know September 3rd was "Yard Art Day"?  This is the brainchild of Deborah Triplett; photographer and artist.  

photo courtesy of Debra Triplett

While taking Betty White out for her walk I caught a glimpse of some lighthearted art, and I noticed in particular the large fabric butterflies that covered the trees of 2404 Belvedere Avenue. Somehow that looked familiar, and then I remembered Liora Manne.

photo courtesy of Mekenzie France

When Beth and I were brainstorming recently about stories and news we wanted to share, I mentioned a place in our neighborhood. - Liora Manne.  Beth chimed in with "I know Liora, and what is she doing in the hood?!"  Being the story teller she is, I was filled in on how she met Liora back in 2005 at a Trade show in NY. It seems she has found her way to Charlotte by way of a retail shop and is bringing her unique style with her! Tom Byrnes, who manages and represents Liora, has just moved the shop from our hood to 2850 Selwyn Avenue. He has filled the new space with the delights you'll see here ... Take a look.

photo courtesy of Mekenzie France

It was all about color and a very unique process called
The Lamontage - which Liora created.  It's the art of designing, cutting, placing, punching then flattening!

photo courtesy of Liora Manne's site

photo courtesy of Liora Manne's site

All of the fabrics are very durable and can be used indoors or outdoors. The Lamontage process interlocks the fibers by needle punching, needles them to a base fabric, then coats the fabric with natural latex. The SmartSilver finish (which deposits silver particles into the fabric) makes them resistant to odor and disintegration.

photo courtesy of Mekenzie France

Take a look at a few of Liora's designs and patterns that we love!

Liora also brings a lot of custom work in the way of wall hangings and treatments to the mix. Can you not see this as an accent in your foyer, perhaps?

photo courtesy of Liora Manne's site

Or my favorite idea of all: covering a unique chair with one of her amazing designs. Or create your own!

photo courtesy of Liora's site

While I was writing this first post, Beth was in NYC. I asked her to stop by Liora's flagship studio, and she kicked me a few images... 

Hi everyone . . . dropping in a few shots to this post.  I had the pleasure of meeting with Liora this past weekend at her studio in NYC.  Amazing place.  Bright, full of those great old casement windows and patterns; styles and colors lined the walls and tables.  Her go-to girl Gail showed me around and explained the amazing "punching process" which Liora developed years ago.

Take a look at some of my favorite images !

It was great to catch up with Liora and meet Gail in New York. They have boxed up a lot of new samples for me, and they are on their way to Lucy and Company.  So come by and check them out!  A few great things to remember...

1.  We can help you create you own unique pattern.
2.  These rugs can be used Outdoors.
3.  You can apply to walls as wallpaper.
4.  You can recover furniture in any pattern.

- Beth

So, we are both happy her talent and artistic eye is now in Charlotte for an up close and personal look.  At Lucy and Company we will be happy to help you create an original pattern, in your own color choices for something truly yours !!!

Not in Charlotte ? . . . visit her on the web at
or we will be happy to order for you !

Passez une bonne journee!

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