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I thought I would add one more install to wrap up a two week frenzy . . . Tiffany and Michael Grahams.  Molly and I  headed over there yesterday to put together their family room - everything was in.  My installer also got the dining room going with paper and a new chandelier !  We started that room to give them a good visual of how it would all work.

I love Tiffany and Michael -  We started talking a while back about their guest room actually.  I think I scared them a bit with my design -   I was pushing them out of their comfort zone - but they soon realized that's what a designer should do and it usually works !  I am so happy they caved and trusted me on an even bigger project !

I had a blank slate with the exception of the very cool ottoman Tiffany found.  If that was all I was working around - not a bad place to start !

Here's what I proposed !

Most of the home was builder beige, it was time to infuse pattern upon pattern and color and bring it to life with a littler personality.    I started with the rug.  While Tiffany was nervous about two busy patterns on top of each other . . . told her not to be - it would totally work, and it did !

We did keep solids on the big furniture pieces but punched them up with pillows and these gorgeous curtains.

They had also purchased this great silver side table - loved it.  Decided to mix the metals as well as bring in some interesting vintage pieces.

We re-arranged the layout of all the new furniture and brought the pop of blue into the breakfast room off the kitchen (as well as the 2 story foyer)  

We now have great pattern on pattern in a soothing, yet striking look.

Don't forget the details, art - a little natural green elements, a vintage mirror tray maybe !

We have a game plan in effect for the entry and dining room as well - with a Thanksgiving time frame in mind.  Yesterday we papered the walls with this graphic silver and taupe paper and added a new chandelier - It's a great start to bring in a rug, table and chairs for the holidays !

Take a look at what's to come and stay tuned !!

"Hi Beth,

We cannot believe the transformation of our living room!  It's amazing.  My husband thinks it's the best room you've ever done (hee hee) - and he's so glad that we completely trusted your creative vision.  The room has absolutely exceeded our expectations.  So happy we get to live here and enjoy this beautiful space!

Best to you - can't wait for the next project!"

Tiffany & Michael Graham

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