Long Distance Love

Hey There . . .

I am loving all the long distance love as of late.  I am so excited about several upcoming new projects.  The first coming up is a room for Kelly Frizzel in Tennessee.

She called a little while back for help with her son's room.  Wanting something unique and functional yet with a style her son could grow with.

Take a look at what I plan to pack up soon and head west with . . .

I love the great mix of pattern and textures.  Don't be afraid of that. . . In this space I am trying to bring a "modern - woodsy" vibe.  Sleek elements paired with natural wood, hammered metal and strong colors.

Another direction I played with used a queen size bed made in the materials I ultimately chose for the bedside tables.  I still love the "tree" wall paper and this one is shown in the blue color way.

And one other option used "wood panel" paper which looks so real you might fear you would get a splinter in you glided your hand across it !  I new iron bed I came across at market last year and in this case a cardboard "head."

I liked all my options . . . we chose the first for it's pop of color and clean look.  Think long distance is hard, not really, just good communication and attention to detail. . . don't want to leave anything off the truck.

Stay tuned for all the fun - road trip details !  See you soon Kelly . . .

Also on the horizon . .  New York City and Utah !! Can't wait.

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