Sidewalk Inspiration Part Deux . .

Hey There . . .

Get out and walk around . .  If you are an Urban Dweller, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.  Just outside your door you can be visually stimulated at every turn, if your eyes are wide open.  I wanted to be inspired by the color Red . . . on a Red kick as of late.  There isn't much a pop of Red doesn't work with.  While I was in the Big City and on the way home from my meeting with a new NYC client . . . can't wait for that) , I focused on the color Red.

I was in Soho and realized I was on Wooster Street.  Dwell's Flagship Studio in on Wooster, and pretty it is.  I was instantly drawn to a collection of artwork displayed right when you entered.  I love the pops of red, and for those of you who want a big grouping on your big wall . . . this is how it should be done - take note.

But anyway . . . looking for color, pattern and textures combinations for your interior spaces?  This is how I play with ideas . . .

Red and Turquoise are a great color combination, if combined with the anchoring color of black.

images I took at Trina Turk' retail location and Liora Manne's studio

images compliments of Trina Turk's Fall 2012 online collection

A subway stop or two back uptown, and I came across a few more inspirational visions.  While trying to be incognito with my shot of this couple . .  I loved her mix of the red patent leather bag paired with her over dyed black and white shorts, mixed with the simple black T and nubby sweater (which I sure was a combination she just threw together without any thought) Got me thinking about some fabrics and papers we offer . . and how to mix all the textures, colors and patterns in a den maybe?!

Love the bike seat on the red bike . .  love the lettering in gold. . that could be my metal color of choice.

The Coach Store window showcased this great black / gold / dash of red bag . .  and just looking down along the sidewalk I noticed polka dots mixed with pattern trellis work . . hum. . .

Get inspired out there . . .

I love finding inspiration everywhere . . . the creative types think this way I reckon . .  

Take a look at Kravet's latest add in September's Elle Decor . . perfect example !

So keep your eyes wide open today . . . Happy Sunday . . .

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