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Don't know about you, but I am ready for cooler weather.  I want to sit outside again.  A little outdoor lounging would be nice.  My client's Beth and Paul Hecimovich are anxious as well and I don't blame them!.  A few months ago I met at the house, along with their contractor, George Krump of The Stone Man.  They were in the planning stages of their new outdoor space.  

Their existing above-ground deck would go back about 18 feet with a peaked roof.  We quickly decided to drop the space to ground level and add about 10 more feet to give the ceiling more height and be able to include all the furniture we wanted, a sitting area, a dining area and a bar.

I was most impressed with George's 3D plans.  It helps the client so much with a visual, and myself as well!  We all loved his design.  I threw in my 2 cents and we were on our way.

Take a look at George's plans for the new space.

With George's design, I started working on the details.  I wanted to work in the neutrals and let the natural beauty of the outside be my backdrop. I mixed in a few pops of turquoise, with the reds and greys.  With the exterior style of their house and interior colors and feel -  I didn't want anything too modern and slick, I wanted cozy, slightly "woodsy," and mainly comfortable. 

I created boards for the elements I wanted to include.

. . . and began ordering my goods. . .  for a late summer install.

I stopped by a month in to see the progress  and check with George.  It was looking so good!  I was so impressed with George's attention to detail.  His crew was working hard and it was coming along!

Dropping to ground level George created three step downs with a pretty and simple water feature in between each step area.

The ceiling was about to be installed and we wanted a little color up there to contrast with the wood beams.  I'm so glad Beth and Paul have known me for a while - and there's a trust level.  While on vacation, I made the call to paint it a soft, dirty blue (Ben Moore #703). Pulled from the existing window trim and the fabrics I pulled for the room.

The kitchen was going in and the electrical was in place.

The weather has cool and install day arrived . .  I want to thank all those who helped me, my carpenter Craig for building an amazing swinging day bed, Erin and Shaun for their benches, cushions and pillows and all the gorgeous goods from my vendors !

Take a look at the finished product.

Don't forget all your details . .

All goods available at www.lucyandcompany.com

Happy Weekend and get outside !

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