To Tweak or not to Tweak ? !

Hey There . . .

Nothing like an easy, simple tweak to totally change the look of a room . . . and it can be as simple as a bit of wall paper, a lamp and a pillow.

I love this paper - used it recently in a different color way and wanted to try the pink and yellow version . . look how clean and strong it is in this simple look.

After being in NYC and seeing a lot of fuchsia, silver and gold, nice to see I am "on trend."  My client Ashley Cranz wanted a little punch to her daughter Sloan's room.  With the simple, clean white furniture and grey walls, we decided just a pop of paper would do the trick.  I filtered in a new bedside lamp and pillow and Ashley found this great side table - and voila!

Sometimes, it's just the little things that can make a big difference !

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