Where Does the Time Go . . .

Hey There . . .

Has it really been 10 years?   This weekend was my anniversary.  I was sitting at my desk and glanced to the right, on the bookcase are propped the flowers Keith sent me, the fact he remembered the type of flowers in my bouquet is one of the things I love - an artist who notices things (and the fact he's 11 years young. . that's the best part of all).   Mixed in with the flowers, my favorite picture of him and Lucy at our wedding and a piece of art he recently finished.  Just a few of the things I love (a home office doesn't have to be a visual drag . . now does it !)

Lucy was just 3 . . It's amazing how things work out.  Who would have thought when I got back from China with my 6 month old, I would meet her Dad 2 weeks later. 

Ten years ago we were driving down the Amalfi Coast Road heading to Positano.  It had to be the most beautiful place on earth, an artist's dream.

Thinking about an unbelievable trip ? Positano is the place to go.  My only regret, I wasn't much of a photographer back then, and the i phone hadn't made it's appearance.  I was on Flickr and searched high and low for some images to throw me back in time a bit and came across these . . . take a look, it's just like I remember . . .

images compliments of philip chircop's photo stream on flickr

So planning a trip any time soon?  Add Positano to your bucket list and stay at The Palazzo Murat.  I am sure it's just as beautiful as it was all those years ago.

Happy 10th honey !


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