An Outside Oasis. . . Part Two.

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I'm back with the images of Friday's install at the Freeman's!  What a day it was.  Weather was perfect and it went of without a hitch ! Everyone was on time, nothing got damaged, everything fit and I scooped up enough accessories to finish off the room with every detail.  I love days like this.  Empty room at 1:00 pictures being taken by 3:00 - presto!!!  

Take a look at the finished product.

So. . .  a few details about the room . . .

I wanted to bring the outdoors in but in a funky kind of way - not woodsy-literal.  Light and airy was the goal.  We contained all the "stuff in a cleverly hidden wall of "doors" surrounding the TV.  Inside those doors is an abundance of storage, TV and electronic equipment, games and more stuff, all neatly hidden. Beautiful job by The Salin's Group.   I had a large leather sectional custom made to fit the whole family with a few interesting pillows.  I am a big fan of the tight back - large sofa back cushions eventually get smashed down and disheveled when dogs and kids are involved.  This one is a beauty !  I am using this vendor quite often now and they have been amazing to work with.  I will have a new piece shortly in my showroom for a closer look!  Available in leather, fabric, nails or no nails - well made and extremely comfortable!

I chose the light fixture, coffee table and custom sofa console to bring the natural wood elements in, but mixed in a little glass, chrome, slate, iron and a slick bubble chair to mix it all up.  The nubby rug resembles river rock and with the slight blue cast, it brings in the side pool bathroom with it's touches of blue.

Accessories again are key.  A few rustic mirrors, well placed art and larger sculptures help balance the large pieces of furniture I chose.  Dinky accessories wouldn't have worked in this space.

My client arrived home at 3:00 to the finished product which I love.   If you have worked with me you know, I hold everything hostage until everything is ready.  A big reveal is the best part, and the full vision shines!  Everyone was happy, including the 4 legged members.

Down this secluded drive just off Providence Road, is a little bit of Heaven!

photography by Mekenzie France

Thanks again to Thomas of the The Salins Group and his team, Mekenzie for the great images and my favorite vendors for their beautiful pieces.

Let me know if there is anything you see that is a must have and I will be happy to source for you!



  1. Wow! You definitely have some unique pieces there! Nice combinations of textures and a soft color palette.

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