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Did a quick install today.  I returned to my friend Trissy Edwards to tweak their library making it a more comfortable room just off the kitchen.  Great for quite reading or talking with friends.  It was a room filled with dark bookcases, and a slightly off centered fireplace, as well as a mixture of chairs, all different sizes and colors.

My thought was to remove all those mismatched pieces and add four matching chairs with a center coffee table.  My design board was created to give her a visual.  The chairs, pillows and side tables were all a bit on the pricey side so I took on the challenge of creating the same look for less . . .

Here's where I started . . . we left all the bookcases alone and we worked around a rug I found for her last year when I did her kitchen renovation.

Enter four matching chairs with similar arms to the high end chairs.  A graphic pillow in each, in a less expensive fabric.  I found these great vintage Lilly Pulitzer orange side stoops to go along side the pair of chairs and a tall reading lamp behind.

The look for less chair . . .

The coffee table had a great antique gold base and I actually love the openness of the glass top to show off the great rug.  It lighted it all up.

With a view of the kitchen renovation . . the colors tied in so well together !

Great Friday . .  and Happy Weekend ahead.

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