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My 8 year old came home the other day frustrated that a look she came up with on her own was now popping up all over her class.  I told her that was the highest form of flattery.  She didn't get it, she was just annoyed.  I then told her she was an original, a creative,  and it will happen throughout her entire life and she might as well get use to it early.  The harshness of reality that I know about that all too well.

Why do we read blogs, why do we spend countless hours on Pinterest or Houzz?  To find ideas, to shop, to get inspired.  Finding inspiration from other designers, trend-makers and artists is a good thing, taking that inspiration and putting your own twist on it is the key.  I admire, follow, read about, pin on my wall, and save in binders, beautiful rooms created by amazing designers.  I will look at it and want to capture the same "feel" while incorporating pieces and colors that reflect my aesthetic.   When I come up with something new that actually works, it makes my day.

Color combinations for interiors and fashion is a trendy thing.  Young girls love pink, I get that, and while I want to give them that, I try really hard to steer them to a color combination they might not have considered.  You can put the pink in, but not make it the first thing you see when you walk in the room.

Take a look at these two fabrics.  Both have colors your might not think of putting together but look pretty fabulous in a finished product . . . be a trendsetter, not a follower and create something original and all you.

Deep Coral, Taupe, Slate Blue, Pea Green !  In this new fabric, I loved the whimsy of the floral.  The black pencil outline I really loved, it's organic, it's artistic and the colors allow for interesting pieces to play off in a room . .  so I took a stab at a living room using this fabric as the starting point.

I especially love the pea yellow/green velvet sofa.  Popping off a wine wall color and flanked with drum shades and big art.  I have the same sofa and love the slope of the back with a light wood base.

Take a closer look at the elaborate pillows and side tables - My friend Rebecca actually found these and I love them so we plan to incorporate them in her living space soon !  So different.

How about this color combo . .  This fabric is amazing and who would think you could work an entire room around these colors !  I think the key would be using a lot of neutrals and letting the fabric stand alone. An overload of these colors would kill it, I think.

Maybe something like this . . . Upholstered wall panels, a striking bed, mismatched side tables and just a hint of the fabric color of mint  in the lamps and a little yellow rug.  With upholstered wall panels, if you do get tired of it, you can just re-upholster the panels and change your colors!

Can you dig the snakeskin pillow, so beautiful !

It seems myself and the people of Apartment Therapy are on the same wave length.  They recently posted "10 Unusual Color Combos That Really Work."  

They included this and I love it.  A Bed and Breakfast just outside of Dublin.  I would totally mix green, with pink and eggplant !   The Bellinter House is calling me,  I can say that.  Having lived in Dublin as a kid, I think it's time to go back for a visit and make a reservation.

Interior Designed by Pierce Tynan

Can you say knock off  ?  !!!  This is Pierce Tynan's vision . . 

Try taking the color inspiration and putting your imagination to work !!

I love this new hand painted grasscloth (stay tuned for more on that!) I then chose a great graphic rug and side chairs . . the Juju hat was translated to pillows !

all available at www.lucyandcompany.com

Start your own color trend, your own look, your own design - and own it (even if it's just for that short bit of time before it appears in someone else's house, wardrobe or blog).

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